Berlin BB Gun War of 1963/RSD/Tom Wolf

Berlin BB Gun War of 1963

I knew a kid in Elon College when I was about 12 who had lived in Berlin with his family who told me about the BB Gun War. Apparently it was an ongoing feature of the life of children in Berlin when he was growing up. I’d love to figure out what sort of Screen Play I could construct that didn’t inspire more BB gun wars, since knowing that children imitate what they see, I would through my failed art encourage BB gun wars and BB blindness.
It did sound like a fair amount of fun as he told of it.
Possibly the best movie would be one where the weapons of childhood and the weapons of adulthood, did not change and we all were limited to BB guns for our arsenals.
I have wanted to create a comedy movie and it would be interesting to do a BB gun war, that became a Water gun war, due to the tragedy of the BB Blindness.
Sometimes my own humor distresses me.
The competitor of MAD, was SICK.

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