Obama’s Speech

The Speech

       I was reminded of the old african proverb that it is better to have an intelligent enemy, than a stupid friend because of the flap about Obama’s preacher.

      Later on NPR I heard an LA Post writer say she was angry and didn’t think enough Afro Americans were angry enough.

      Fortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, I went to High School on the South Side of Chicago in 1969 and ’70.   Fred Hampton impressed me so much that I think the City of Chicago paid too little for his murder.

      Mr. Hampton was as Charismatic as you get and he was murdered in his sleep by a Chicago Police Death Squad.   Mr. Hampton was a Black Panther who started feeding children before they went to school and basically founded Head Start, before he was murdered.

     You don’t have to Black or White to be angry.   You do need to know what class you belong to.   The Black Panthers at their best did try really hard to make it known that it was more about class struggles, than race struggles.

     Now the ultra rich get to force our government to print more money for them based on the premise that if they go down, we’ll suffer more than we would if they had to come out and work like we do.

     When Mr. Obama, Senator Obama said, he was from Chicago, I knew what he meant.   Chicago is a place where people fight over real issues.   The Civil War happened somewhere else.   In Chicago you fight about work, jobs, vice, turf, work.

     There is some race thing involved that isn’t wise to ignore as far as cultural realities and people that don’t dance the same way.   But the bottom line is about class conflicts, and who has control of the money.

      Since the economy is in shambles I recommend working class people vote in a candidate who will print money that helps them start businesses, instead of fund "Funds" and "Banks" and their credit card companies that are interested in interesting us to death.

      If I’m at fault for not being retrained to do something useless like be a banker or money manager, then the government must put its money where its mouth is and give me the money to go back to school and become an economist so Mr. Greenspan and his friends can come out to learn how to dig a ditch like Mr. Carter did in his retirement of Habitat.

      Sorry,  I meant to mention the Drug War as a drag on our civilization, but I had to write about race and the class war.


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