Working Class Corner/Why to see a Prostitute


see prostitutes because they may well die the next time they go to work.

Plus they are typically young, physician and in a strange place.

As well they may well have some romantic thing on their mind that the prostitute understands as a fantasy they are to only partly fulfill.

Elliot Spitzer went to a service.

He got what he wanted, ambulance or paid for, sale plus more.

Curiosity killed the cat.

My Family!  My Family!

I went to a prostitute twice when I was going through a divorce and driving a cab all night.

My wife divorced me because I failed an Insurance Agent Exam for New York Life.

Too much Elmer Gantry sort of shit for Spitzer in my opinion.

-For him to go on.   Fuck New York.

Well actually I like the common on the street of New York State including Manhattan, which I really loved to have a place to live in on the island in more than Rochester, or where I am now really.

Life is managable here.

So it went for John Edwards to be managed out of the race.

April fools is on a Tuesday.

Coming up.

The bad part about the economic meltdown is that only the rich people stay rich.   The laws let them write all their failures off so they get paid for fucking everybody else out of their inheritance.

Too bad that it is happening now to the people like me or you who has a life of toil and tribute ending in pain and anonoynimity.

Just a little time left to kill Kleptocracy, and Oligarcy.   Democracy is mob rule for Bush and the Fundamentalists who only half way know what is going on while they watch Nick at Night.

The UN is a failure and we are certain to die in short order if it is not repaired with an army killing people who like bombs so much they use them.

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