Need a Million, Millions

I personally do not necessarily want to give the TV Stations the money.  It is believed to be impossible to run and win without millions.  Millions I tell you Millions!

Money goes to good ideas, unless you live amongst blockheads.  They will call you a fool, an stupid.  I been here awhile.  Yeah.

Okay.  Really, you want to leave this way?  Thomas Mills, who runs NC Politics, a great thing, great.  It is important.  I wanted him to give me some notice.  I need fame.  I think I need fame more than money.  Thing I learned from The Fountainhead.  You’re best the best sort of men get famous for their work.  The work is supposed to be the surfboard to your fame.  I got to get some fame if I am going to get the support needed to run and win.

I think I need transportation.  The filing fee.  I have to get the filing fee up by next February, and I need to get flown around and around the state to give speeches and leave.  Helicopter is best, but little plane works for me fine.  You can get across NC in a small plane in 4 hours.  I’ve done it.  There are all these gravel pits.  Looks like huge sink holes.  It’s been awhile since I did that.  Ben Overhaus and me flew across the state together.  We cut the gas close to 15 minutes once.  Don’t want to do that.  I like sitting on the wing.  I can fly a Tomahawk.

I asked Mr. Mills, Editor Mills who he thought was better than me.  He said Tom Ross.   I said,  “When’s Tom Ross going to say they keep raising tuition because they won’t raise it for the corporations whose R & D they do for them?”

Tom Ross, didn’t say anything.  He was like the nice man.  Gentlemen are not always nice.  Cause is right a gentleman will fight.  Saves his cursing for something that matters.  Doesn’t stand by and let people get hurt.  I’ve thought about Ross.  What’s going on with the University System in total? You know they are the employer hegemon around here.  They don’t have to lead with the pay of labor because it is written into the law that way.

Sure I want the Democratic Party to support me.  I have things to say.  Why am I supposed to have all this money?  I’ve got the FEC guidebook right here.  The committees, they are supposed to have the money.  What about the Party?  There is supposed to be a worked out system for these things.  First thing people say is:  “You got to have money, millions.”

I can put things on youtube for nearly nothing.  It is fantastic.  If only they would make the DNC Democratic Party youtube Channel, watchable.  You can make it work like a real channel if you just let every precinct contribute shows.  They could contribute to shows.

So far I can’t get anything out of them.  Walter says write them an email.  Send them things.  I did that.  The Communications Director quit.  What’s going on.  There are serious things going on.  People don’t know we’re at war with Russia.  Three US Rockets exploded in one week.  Hybrid war has these facets.  Trading with the enemy.  Russia could have been a state.  I’ve said that for years.  They get in our system.  Trading with the enemy, lets them in.

So I’ve not got a chance in hell?  Okay, I can make a fool of myself.  You can make a lot of money if you’re willing to make a fool of yourself I say.  But there was that morning and the question?  How do I prevent Nuclear War?

If Russia had become a state, then we’d have been back to the Bi Polar power balance.  That was how it worked.  Two sides.  They didn’t do any business with each other.  There wasn’t a nuclear war.  That works for me, as a minimum.  Labor doesn’t deserve war.  It hurts the poor people.  War and Corruption, that’s what makes people poor.

Corruption comes in different flavors.  Goals.  The goals get altered at the top.  It’s that thing with the bonds for this, and bonds for that.  Rich people make money from bonds.  Poor people don’t get much.  Rich people can afford to pay taxes.  Ayn Rand said people work better when they have a hundred dollars in their pocket.  It’s got to be a thousand now.  That’s what she said Dagney did.  Gave the conductor a hundred on the train.  Why do the people all screaming about how good greed is, leave that alone?  They simply grab the parts they like.  They like getting over on everybody.  They like thinking they are the smart guy.  They walk around sneering at the poor ignorant people who don’t know how they are getting over on them.

I couldn’t believe it when I found out Billy Graham went around preaching that you had to trust your employer to be good to you.  He made it out like it was a sin to pay union dues.  You shouldn’t have to pay for a job.  How come he never said,  “Don’t pay your taxes?”  Come on.  You nor I nor anyone deserves to be poor.  Everybody does the best they can.  They try to help their families.  They can’t.  They don’t get paid enough.

Why didn’t Tom Ross say something about all the tuition hikes when the University system does all this R & D?  They need to charge right for that.  Students are like paying to do the labor for these corporations.  It’s a scam.  It’s corruption.  I hear it is harder to even audit the classes like I used to do.

My mother made sure I got educated.  She got me a job recording all the ecology lectures at UNCG in like 1970 something.  ’76 maybe.  I heard every word.  The tape recorders were these weird tape machines.  Quarter inch.  I heard every word.  It’s all coming true.  Too hot, too cold, doesn’t matter.  It think it can flip at some tipping point.  It’s hot.  There isn’t enough water.  Get Haitians clean water you need to put an army around it or mobsters take it and sell it.

What did Clinton and Bush do with the Clinton Bush Foundation?  Moon gave them Haiti.  They get along great now.  I’d vote for Hillary more likely if she had divorce Bill.  He’s always got something to apologize for.  They say the right things.  I know some people in Little Rock.  They hate him.  His word’s no good.

God, to see them in the White House together again would turn my stomach.  I can’t stand the idea.  If they gave me the money to win the Senate race for my people, working people….   I got a skill.  I was worth something.  I could have made money.  Unions and Governments both made it too hard for me.  I went out of business.  I sent in a corporate quarterly tax coupon.  Said “This business is defunct.”

The US could be like Haiti soon.  Sooner than you think.  Rap star for a President.  Some say they steal less than Aristide, whoever.  Everything goes somewhere else than it is supposed to.  Deeds take 11 bureaucrats to see.  They all get bribes.  That’s why they live in the ditches, slums.  The French got all their trees.  TPP will take everything.  French got paid for what they lost when the people rebelled.  How you going to rebel?  Are you going to shoot people?  Government of Laws.  They changed the laws.  All the Meyer Lanksy mobster financial engineering was made legal. You have to change the laws.  People have to go to prison for fraud.  Lying and hurting people with insurance on junk derivatives.  Credit Default Swaps.  They come out of Shadow Banking.

You have to read a lot to know this stuff.  It’s hard to put together.  It’s all corruption.  We have to fight it.

Labor poster

Labor 8.5 by 11 handbill poster.

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