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It is a mystery to me how any working class person can love the Confederacy. The Confederate States of America were dedicated to the use of working people as property no more with rights than we now would ascribe to a robot. Abraham Lincoln said, “If slavery isn’t wrong, what is?”
(Abraham Lincoln also said, “A man Cannot pull himself up by his own bootstraps. All that happens is that he ends up with his ass in the air.”) Really, some people just have to get some correction to their spouts and edicts. There are some phrases we hear way too often from youth on, that really don’t make sense.
But then okay there is an advantage to the despot attacked when his people are trapped where he controls the land. They will be shot by somebody and navigating who to try and get out of the way of is tricky. During the Revolutionary war of Independence a young man had many a cause to be confused. Ben Franklin was himself shocked that so many of his countrymen were so violently opposed to the Stamp Act. The Crown really had had to spend some money to protect the colonists from the French and Indians. If only that British judge hadn’t so insulted Ben Franklin we might still be more like the Canadians. Not that I want to be a Canadian. I gave up my chance for that.
Some of the most powerful writers in the world write for The New York Times. It is a powerful newspaper. The New York Times has been moving along with media technology advances and has video sections that often strike a fine tone. Of these news videos it is theres and the ones coming out of Shane Smith’s Vice and Journeyman Films that are good to put into your brain.
Truth is Beauty and there is a life of the mind we get that bugs don’t.
But you know there really are few Southerners on the staff of the New York Times. I have had difficulty getting through to the Northerners that the GOP is the Confederacy. In the days recently past and even on going still on Memorial Day school kids in the South attending schools where libraries might have had no more than 250 books for the Elementary school, people paraded around the statues to the Confederate dead. The Confederate States of America snuck in a holiday for those who died in the service for a nation dedicated to elitism and slavery.
Southern Land owners of Charleston SC were more rich from slaves to operate their farms than from the farms themselves, and murder and mayhem happened so they could continue to own black men and black women, and white women too.
Starting in 1890 in Richmond Virginia with Monument Row there was the statue propaganda competition joined with a grand plaza and statue of Grant in Washington and then Robert E Lee in Richmond there.
It went on and on encouraging fine and happy thoughts of the Confederacy and school holidays for young boys and girls dancing around the Soldier of the South, so the South might rise again.
And now it has. It is the GOP.
One too many days of seeing Ted Cruz and I wanted to knock over every statue to the cause all through the South. I still want to make a little movie like the NYTs shows, showing all these statues to Southern losers who wasted their lives in the cause of a failed philosophy, ethical crime.
Nixon pissed me off too making friends with China, the State Run Slave State that gives us Wal Mart through the colluders using a right referencing framework of thought. A nation friends with North Korea that is destroying cash through fine counterfeiting pisses me off.
Okay where was I?
I was explaining that the USA is now ruined by successful CSA operatives. You can’t really grasp how they get to do it till you are forced to look up at statues made of bronze and marble of Confederate Soldiers in nearly every Southern town.
It is another interesting fact that the number of people lynched during Jim Crow is just about the same number of CSA Daughters of the Confederacy statues, monuments of the CSA leaders and soldiers.

CSA show of control.

Silent Sam, symbol of Confederate States of America ownership.

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