Nikon or Panavision?

IGX is area identifier

imaginary event poster

When Zuckerberg paid a couple of billion for Instagram I thought Panavision was leaving money on the table. I wrote the CEO Kim Snyder suggesting so. I suggested that Panavision make software that gave all cameras a Panavison look.

I had made a unique package for this. I wanted to make a piece of paper, document that would be identifiable in a pile. I kept a copy of the bald concept that I found some couple of months ago. This was found in my novel manuscript.

I know how I keep things so make things to be possible to find by the messiest of minds.

I sent this all in after working on it. I got no answers. I asked my webmaster if he could work something up along these lines.

Google Glass appealed to me as perfect for the Celebrity Disc Golf show I keep trying to do as a simple show. I tried to get through to them. On their sites there is a place to submit Business Plans. They say there once submitted it is theirs.

In 2012 I made a little movie about it all. “Dead End Street”. It is on my youtube channel Transcendian.

On Linked in a few four months ago I saw notice of the Panavision release of a new free app for I phone that is essentially what I pitched to Panavision. It is called Panascout.

“Hey.” I called Panavision. ‘What can I recover from my work?’

Their attorney called. They won’t pay. “You can’t win.” They say.

There is some more to it but it is like my experience writing for the Canadian “Inspector Gadget Show”. I wrote three teleplays. They were rejected. I was living in a hotel. They asked me to write synopses. They being the Creative Director. They said I was good a the stories.

LA Producers came to Toronto and said, “Don’t pay him.”

I wrote 10 of those. I was paid a hundred and 25 Canadian dollars for the one used. It is about the theft of a satellite.

They had offered me a job as a secretary. I’d not quit my job in Florida at Business Air Center, to come up to Toronto and be a secretary. Fuck adventures you know. I was probably 29 at the time.

“Don’t pay him.”

I’d wanted to get along with Panavision and pointed out that from a Marketing Standpoint, if they could support, find distribution for my simple show, using I Phones, in NC, it would do them good.

“No, don’t bother me.” Pretty much. No exact quote.

Panavision was worth 60 million when I last looked. Their receipts were on the low side of 193 million when I looked it up last night. People with fortunes can get revenge when things like this happen by buying the company and doing as they see to do. Fire people that hurt them.

Last time I tried for any revenge I got the short end of the stick, so I am careful. Still I’ll be using Nikon or my Olympus, or whatever, if I can make it work out.

Of course I can just do it all for nothing.

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