If lived by the water I’d want a fleet. I’d want an aircraft carrier and a submarine the most. As we sit here today there is some few cruising around underwater submarine with nuclear rockets on it out of touch.
Nah he couldn’t really launch his nuclear weapons at anybody on his own now could he?
Last I understood it, he damn well could.
They get out there and the radio signals don’t go long down underwater.
To get the internet they letup up a buoy wire and stay close to the surface where they are vulnerable, but can communicate.

Locally where I live there is NASA land over on Eubanks that was used for calibrating the satellites photographic equipment? They say the experiments are over. 500 acres next to the landfill they didn’t want to ever develop or see developed or used except for what they wan to use it for as a secret. Last I heard. As a Research and Development place for NASA to employ people in underground labs making micro rockets that could bring any latitude into competition for the information and development, I was into that for Orange county.
That land all of it as a Landfill with train tracks and by Highway 40, the UPS depot, and the Bus Depot needing a hangout building is terrific land I wanted to move the airport to if it weren’t to be a landfill.
That’s want I wanted to do.
I don’t drive around anymore.
Driving around like I used to kept me more aware and angry.

It sounds as if the NC Legislature didn’t tax the Social Security. It says so on the Governor’s Facebook posting. That’s where I get lots of my news and I say to you Why Not! – I am crippled.

Some Electric Cabs at Horace Williams would be great for the Franklin Hotel. Short trips to and fro from the charging stations.

I never went to the Mountains much. When I was doing the WQFS radio station broadcasts I got a call from a guy way up on the side of a mountain who heard my shows. Usually they didn’t make it more than out of a 15 mile circle around Greensboro, but he was far away. High up airplanes have ranges for the low power FM signals of something like 250 miles.

OH to be! a HUnter Gatherer! All of the land was everybody’s. At least if they were of the ranging tribe. Trading trips on the river carried more down the river than up. At least that is what I imagine for on the ENO or the HAW.

When I was working as a stagehand with Local 574, so much on my 491 card, we worked every year over there in the Furniture Showrooms of High Point. I worked on a film showing the places and what they had with a company that made Nashville Music Videos and Industrials and commercials. Three Takes was the name of the company I think. I worked over there on shows for the shows for selling the stuff, which more and more was of course being made in China. Then of course the convention shows were moving to Las Vegas. There were being showrooms built and shows set dated for Las Vegas.
There was fear that lots of work was to be lost.

The Showrooms are large buildings with fantastic sets built in them. There inside is one room after another of imagined life. Lifestyles of the fine folks of the middle classes all imagined in a reality of show rooms with furniture arranged along with fake walls.

On the job I was getting along really well with the Director of Photography. The guy the union sent to work with us as part of the crew was a whipped head fool who couldn’t stand to not be in it and destroyed the conversation, my own prospects for the future and his own. One day he called all sad and hang dog because he had gotten fired off a job. I was not at all surprised. Someone had been imagining another day around his fat mouth and wisely fired him.
“Too bad, it happens.” I said, not saying I wish you had never been on that job I met you on. He was a pathetic sort of individual who blundered around screwing things up for others that he attached himself to like some of the characters Owen Wilson has played. For everyone to know Owen Wilson about near killed himself over Katie Hudson ruined Owen Wilson’s hopes of being hired since it proved he was too much in reality that character, and not an actor.


But I called the office of the Senator Hagan to mention how those showrooms represented a terrific opportunity for Television productions as sets to set there for Soap Operas at the least.
I heard at the original time when I was promulgating this concept that it had been thought of already, but the “Christian” family of the Broyhills and others of the High Point ruling families didn’t like the hedonist actors, film and television sorts of Hollywood and New York City, so that was not going to happen.

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I come from sailors and priests. My aim is to prevent apocalyptic riot, better known as nuclear war, when I was growing up. Creating a nation of airports will create the peace enough environment to prevent apocalyptic riot. I had a vision due to a period of boredom and bliss like the Aleph of Borges. That is the story I learned and was made up and happens.

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