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Like I said I didn’t know I was working class and am sorry my parents badmouthed being an academic so bad because of what they called politics.
We watched the last show of the Sopranos again last night. He ought to have married Doctor Malfee and lived happily ever after. I wanted to suggest that as another one show with Lorraine Bracco, and James Gandolfini, if they wanted to, maybe, and called the Directors Guild of America intending to leave a polite message about it with David Chase, but the representatives put my message in the Crank Call box.
It’d tried to get ahold of John Waters so one of the trees for the Christmas Tree Project, the Christmas Tree Posters on sale on this website, Could be called a John Waters Kitsch Tree, but they said he wasn’t interested.
These interactions were anger inspiring within me.
I wanted to teach some of these people what a crank visitation might really feel like, which would involve a shotgun, but of course as one of the intelligentsia I will not do.
Still I don’t fully understand why polite inquiries in the proper places go so? It is a wonder more people are not beaten to death or beheaded.
The historical situation prior to the French Revolution is similar enough that McDonalds upper management ought to be very fearful if they show up in the flesh to talk with their workers.
My cousin Buzz once told me about how “Yeah you see it on TV when on guy has got the other down and is beating him and that is all awful, but when it is you, you just want to see blood.”
After I’d been working delivering newspapers and managing newspaper routs because they wouldn’t hire me as a writer and I was going to work my way up, after I got fired from that job by this self aggrandizing prick, and a business school graduate who undershoot how to “write off” fifty cents to clear the books, after i told one guy to tell the other guy “Tell that asshole to let me sleep.” : So he told the guy what I said in quotes and I got fired by that crowd of Machiavellian small timers and did some more construction and went out to the airport and spent cash money flying, learning to fly.
My teachers weren’t very good and I didn’t have the right amount of money and so these guys got killed and there were some openings. 6 guys got killed in a Cessna Conquest which was a fine turbo prop probably with two of the venerable PT6 on it. It had some kind of flaw about the elevator. A bolt fell out and the elevator was stuck in the “Up” attitude, position, and the plane went up till it stalled and then fell to the ground killing all 6 on board.
There were the test pilots, mechanics, and some joy riding linemen.
It was problematic that some of the linemen were still on the clock when they were killed.
I just heard about this.
I just heard about this a fair long time after I was hired.
The airport FBO out at GSO fit better than any other my natural work ways. I work like a worker bee going around in circles finding things to do on my circuits. Some managers find my way of working disconcerting and don’t think I am concentrating and hate me. I have to work all day and pace myself for the demands of what my day is going to be, whereas they are going to watch me for awhile and then go sit down.
I did well got promoted and then set to doing the solitary work with all the responsibility and no pay out there by myself all night long till I got hired to another FBO as a manager, Line Chief in FLL.
So you see for me the airport is a place to work, and a place that fit me uniquely.
I have a vision of a Nation of Airports I call Transcendia. It is really surprising that the UN doesn’t have offices like I want already out at all airports in the world as a way of protecting civilization for the airport is more like a mythical Silk Road than the highways I have been on.
I used to do lots of hitchhiking when that was in vogue.
I used to use lots of Super 8 film as well.
How John Waters made it out of Baltimore is a story of how people like to see stories of the strange. I have lots of respect for Andy Warhol and John Waters. They had no shame and showed off their junkie friends who died and then Mr. Warhol died.
I think how Warhol died is somewhat mysterious.
The Airport is a place to go to work and an FBO is a place like the best gas station of all times. Do you get that?
Over here in IGX they treat the little airport like a Private airport only for them. Them are the aristocrats and academics and I think they leave the intelligentsia out of this struggle for the material necessities.
Maybe not.
For sure here they have been leaving out the Working Classes.
Truly the trees are a problem and ought to be cut down. Giving 25 percent of the land of the airport to the Triangle Land ConServancy doesn’t make common sense to me.
Eventually the plan is to build a “boondoggle” as former State Senator Jim Turner called it. Carolina North is likely to make a group of builders pretty rich, as are the builders of Meadowmont and The Cedars. In the medieval days to give the poor people work they would build great churches. Some of this sort of this is still done. In modern times it is called “INFRASTRUCTURE”, which is good and shared by the citizens of the nation. The boondoggle building has gotten a bit more exclusive in our modern times it seems.
Employing Construction Labor is a good thing to do for Orange County North Carolina. Semi and Skilled workers who are excess to retail or teaching or as hospital staff need to be building something. The money comes from taxes.
Section 9 of the State Laws Governing the Mission of the University say it is to provide education free to the citizens of the state as much as is practical. I have been encouraging people to go to classes and audit them if they can’t pay, but apparently people are either afraid or don’t have time, or I just don’t know. They don’t go.
They want everything to provide a paycheck, or otherwise they want stay home and watch TV, I guess. Playing games on a gameboy is big. I’m old now and I don’t do that.
But I wanted a seat on the Airport Authority and the Chancellor of the University Holden Thorp told everybody there would be no airport in Orange County and thereby he took away my opportunity to influence the fortunes of the towns and the county where I lived after drifting and deciding around through my life and the geography of the world I could.
Poverty is not working out for me. My wife really doesn’t like it because she was raised rich. She has gotten to understand what being poor means, and still doesn’t like it.
I could definitely turn Horace Williams into a moneymaker for the county. I’ve been holding back on how it would be made to make moeny for me unless I was the airport manager, but now over time I’ve got so sick, I can’t do much.
I love the people at the Hospital. Dr. DelGazo, and Dr. Shahum, and Dr. Reese and Dr. Hasty, and Dr. Min, and Dr. Lim and all their staff are very important to me and I love them. Dr. Lawrence too.
Getting people to the hospital complex from around the state by airplane would be a real morale booster for lots of people. Imagine Air, a little FAA type new small plane operation running at low costs dislikes Horace Williams because of the trees. Med Air, AHEC was moved over to Wake County, where the Chancellors plane is to be based.
Regular people like me can’t move from the area because we are sick, and some can’t leave the state because they are sick and need to go to UNC Hospital as a last resort as there they can’t be turned away.
Times have changed.
I studied building fast, strong, and inexpensively with engineers and created a White Paper for Building with Shipping Containers in Haiti. This sort of building would be well to do at Horace Williams. We could sell the Modular living and working units as people might need them, and then also use them for whatever the real mission of expanding peoples minds as whatever Carolina North might really be about.
A photography business office at the airport for me might work out. Selling insurance for little planes might be a low impact business for out there.
Restarting the Tar Heel Temp Labor Service would be a fantastic thing to do if I was allowed to utilize the full range of Orange County Labor. i have a Business Plan of Transcendia that does Development and Invention as it is linked to the Labor Service which is really a dirty Research arm of the Labor Service.
I developed a questionnaire temp workers would be encouraged to fill out to make recommendations about how to improve the temp job. This is my secret plan.

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I come from sailors and priests. My aim is to prevent apocalyptic riot, better known as nuclear war, when I was growing up. Creating a nation of airports will create the peace enough environment to prevent apocalyptic riot. I had a vision due to a period of boredom and bliss like the Aleph of Borges. That is the story I learned and was made up and happens.

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