My Mother Died

I can’t think of the best stories and have read fb note from my brother and sisters. Another writer wrote something well worded and accurate. As I am now I understand I do not understand how I feel or what I know about my mother.
She grew up in a time of different numbers. The truth is that she grew up the 30s of the United States Midwest. That time is still around.
Sinclair Lewis pegged lots of it.
The anger and hatreds of our days and places hurt me.
To mention them as any cause for passion gets me in trouble from time to time. Now it is better to feel nothing and I have a poem about wanting to be a robot I’ve not read or looked at for awhile. In some world times and parts of this world there are fighters with poems on their minds. The book Vengeance tells why the Mossad kills a poet first when on a mission.

We moved to a small town where we were hated for being from the North. Up North I was hated from being from the South. Out West it is for being from the East. Which class am I to be hated for about and from.

Where oh where will we be allowed to make a living? How much hatred to take from the people you work for?

My favorite story about my mom; since people are talking telling theirs, and printing photographs, is the one about that test. There is the test at the polls they gave Black people to see if they knew enough to be able able to vote. I was there for her registering to vote yelling at them about the fact hardly anyone could pass that test. So then it was clear what values there was any passion I ought to take up and remember things about.

My father is remembered.
My father is remembered too.

They broke up of course. I don’t want to tell much about his story right now. He was sent on into the mental hospital.

Mom worked hard being brave and helping people with the church as a guiding light. Surly there is shown the value of the directions one can gain in the service of the church.

All this shit now back about who is good enough to vote. Who can get a job. All of it is back just like it was when I was a kid and lots of lives will be heart hurting experiences of wonder and why for so many again.
Really they are taking away the pretty things of our parents fights.

My mother made a big scene at the office of Voter Registration in the small town for small minds where out a little further the Klan swirled around and waits now to get back in power more better.

Since it is hard to get guns and ammunition at anywhere but the Wal Mart, give the clerk a tip when you buy lots of guns at Wal Mart.

Have a good time. check!
Protect voting rights for good working people, and it is okay to lead with passion on that one. Check!

Mom liked acting. She was good at that. I told her it was an important job that she ought to see about getting paid at. She did it anyway regardless of the pay.

For her own library I get the impression she wanted a perfect collection of Children’s and science fiction books. I don’t think she cared at all about the science in the science fiction books but was there with them because they were heroic stories with a certain kind of fashion.
I hired with the rest of the board Gene Rodenberry and Rod Serling to give speeches at Monroe Community College and got to take their measures. She found Orxon Scott Card too Right wing.
Sometimes we hear of men and some women described as a “force of nature” and she was that way.
Ny mother was a force of nature.

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