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Russell Scott Day

Well I’ve been wondering what a good Science Fiction Screenplay might be made from arguments with engineers and physicists and poets might be.

What if life on Mars is very small, but if we brought it back to Earth it would kill all our diseases?   Maybe the mechanical God of incompetence locked the dig arm on the robot down for a blessed reason.

Well, maybe…

I’m not always serious.

I’ve been ignoring the War.   I’ve been thinking of Multi Verses and String Theory, and some Time Arrows, and Cosmic Rays as holographic platforms.

Last time I addressed what was to be done in Iraq I recommended re-activation of the United States Constabulary.   There has been some deployment of a numbered unit that is similiar, but names do matter and this unit is not yet distinquished enough for the number to be in our heads.

Legal Hashish sales between Afganistan and Holland approved by the UN under international law, are called for, along with French Gendarmes and Pakistani Forces to replicate the Professional Constabulary, most best at a time as Interpol.

But I have been mainly focused on discovering the mechanisms that would facilitate Warp Drive.

I want to provide escape for my great grandchildren to another universe.

Possibly the Vatican will fund my projects.

Maybe not.

Anyway I’ve got a few other projects on my mind.

I wish there was a strip joint within three blocks of where I live right now.

There was a charming civility to the strip joints under 9 left in Fort Lauderdale.   I prefer a strip joint to a whorehouse myself.   For a married man seeing another naked woman is typically enough to inspire some pleasure for his wife who typically misses the point around here.  -where I live.

I’ve not visited the Massage Parlor on Franklin by Internationlist Books.

There is a place at 87 and 85/40 in Hillsborough that advertises by the pleasure boat lot.   "All Girl Massage".

Looks like a whorehouse to me.

I heard once that the whorehouses in Carbondale Illinois were the best because the girls were all University of Chicago coeds making the money to pay for their university tuition.

Heard that from a pilot.

He also recommended Korean girls and the women of Reklavik.   Iceland.

Actually it was his brother that recommended the whorehouses of Carbondale.

His brother was on the business side of things more than as a pilot himself, though he did show off by getting a license to fly the Learjet.

I one time imagined laughing Cockroach Pilots pulling into the FBO in something that looked like a Learjet.

My Science Fiction Movie Treatment Idea is a Real Warp Drive Ship using String Theory and Quantium Mechanics for the basis of the story.

The movie would open as an argument in a bar between a physicist and a poet about whether or not there was more than one universe, and what its speed for the constant of light would be; faster, or slower.

They would go on to discuss Cosmic Ray Dreams, and Nuclear Bombs and the difference between Fusion and Fission, and why the sun is better than bombs.

Finally they would design an experiment or series of experiments that come to fuition would allow us to go to another universe.

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