Working Class Corner/Fathers Day

Working Class Corner/Fathers Day

Correction to Mars Mission Comment: Apparently the digging arm was freed and has dug. I have determined that it is a fantasy to imagine Mars Microbes that killed all human disease microbes.
As far as my CR4 discussions and writings are concerned, they have been some better than some of my own website writing. It has been a kick to be able to talk to physicist about String Theory, and the Great Void, and understand that in another universe with a lower constant for the speed of light, that elements would be more stable. I’m a little fuzzy about whether or not there would be more of them.
Cosmic rays from slow universe events may cause dreams, possibly, maybe.
I have proposed a liquid replication of the human brain wired tabla rosa, empty, wired to interpret dreams caused by external retinal sleep state receptivity. Such thinking continues to express some of my impossible of divorce, love for my vision.
The CR4 Discussion about String Theory did encourage me to consider an alternate universe with a slower constant for the speed of light, when I was fastened on one that had a faster constant.
I am coming to feel that one is unlikely to be able to go back and forth across time, but more likely possible to go from one universe to another. I do thirst for whatever facts may confirm my vision and feelings, and admit to an inspired bias.
I am interested in coming up with doable experiments, and am aware some tech imagined for my experiment is not much available.
Please be Aware, That my Message and Donate Button are Not Known To Me to Work.
The Site Needs a bit of hardware and software repair.
If I was getting money somehow, TShirts from CafePress maybe, I would spend money on Defense first, Education Second, and then some experiments.

As Far As My Fathers Day Report: Three young women were nice to me, with their company and conversation and I am grateful. They did actually pay for me to drink with them, and took me someplace I had wanted to be able to go, and there were no problems. One of them brought up in me and incouraged some insights into my daughter of the same age. It is not likely that I would have gotten quite as drunk as I did, if I had been with my daughter, but overall I have been feeling wistful and touched and honored considering how flawed I often feel.
What happened was that I had been watching Into The Wild by Sean Penn, and got very depressed and restless and went to the bar about 4 PM, and made it home in the door around 5AM.
During my fine time there was a report that my wife had called and said she was divorcing me.
Apparently she told the young woman who answered the phone while I was in the wash room this.
Into The Wild is a sort of depressing movie.
Sean Penn somehow is involved with desperation, and for my SP Jet Beach I have wanted him as a director to get that out of my story, onto film.
He can get about any actor he wants from what I can tell of his career.
I cut my leg and lost my moneyclip and knife out a hole in my pocket by the time the evening was done, and I was home in bed. I suspect I got home in three stages.
Things are fuzzy and I can’t remember exactly what I was saying towards the end of the evening.
Today in the heat I wore long pants with good pockets.
Yesterday was a Mental Health Day, influenced by the dying cat who was originally supposed to be killed yesterday.
Yesterday I finished watching the film with my wife, and pretending to be a cat by sleeping 2/3rds of the day.
Into the Wild kept me up from 3:30 to about 4:30 AM with its images of doom to come.
To round out the Mental Health Day, we watched There Will Be Blood. That movie was not quite as depressing as Into The Wild.
I’ve had a good taste of what dying of starvation through gut malfunction feels like since my near death operation due to the intestinal covering choke wrap, probably caused by the time I shot myself with my BB rifle in the stomach. I was a suicidal kid and I was shocked when the BB fell out.
Injuries do add up and apparently I ought not have shot myself with the BB rifle.
40 some years later and I was dying in great pain til Liz Dreesen the Surgeon cut me up to fix me.
In nice stories people get nicer over time, which was not the case with There Will Be Blood.
I think I’ve gotten a bit nicer over time.
Though I am aware that in some situations, I am not of the same value I was when I was more violent.
To say lies, or be forced to say lies, is to be slapped around.
I can understand hatreds come from such.
Therefore of the two movies I studied this weekend There Will be Blood, as somehow more cheery.
Of the choices I would prefer to kill than starve to death.
Might be time to watch a Comedy!
Charlie Chaplin’s The Dictator would be a good one for these times I imagine.
So, Well, I don’t know,
Sometimes my real life is much more enjoyable than a movie, I can certify that, as a result of the company I was graced with on Father’s Day.

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