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by Russell Scott Day

The Farmer that walked through told us some about hay.   As the fuel costs rise we might return to getting around by horseback.   Horsepower is not an accidental measurement.   Of course at the same time riding a horse was getting more attractive, there was a drought that pushed up the price of hay so far that people were giving away their horses.

Times are tough when so many options collide and no option is really any better than the last one.

I myself kept my carbon footprint pretty damn low in my younger days.

This was partly a factor of poverty, and partly more available strength of body for me to use up.   I have used up a lot of my time.   If you want eternal life get your brain scanned and downloaded and encode and put on the head of a robot.

"There Once Was a Man/With Wires in his head./And All that he Dreamed,/ Came out on a screen/At the end of his bed."

Organic and inorganic fluid harddrives that elimanate CPU moving parts offer nanotech invented possiblities for machines with souls.

Anything that gets no maintainence will wear out.   Rocks change form.  All of us ought to keep an hourglass with us for Tayloristic mission timing.   Eggtimer time is interesting.   The madman watching the sands of time go back and forth as things are turned over is the historian.

The history of the United States since I’ve been in it, has been a history of failed morality and wasted courage.   I gave up myself on changing it and would like to succeed at founding a new nation since the US seems impossibly optimistic about failure.

Of course I am aware that a struggle with the environment is not enough to create a nation.   On that score Machievelli is really hard to argue with.

It is just past April Fools, the Holiday I was safe to declare, but now again I am called to declare a War, if I want Transcendia to become a reality.

What War would you prefer I declare?   What War would you Support, with killing and dying, and torture and secrets, lonely and painful deaths for your brothers and sisters?   What war would that be?

I myself think of the poor working man of Japan bombed at his work station, while his children were at school and his wife was looking for food.   I support a war against Nuclear Weapons.   That is one war I am for.

We do seem to be in a World War and the raped and starved and beaten know who is losing.

Every single working class man or woman in the world is pitted against every other, and there is no international minimum wage, socialism is for the rich.

I want my own airport!

Everybody wants Ayn Rand Land, the gated community of people with planes who have complete control of their lives, are the Captains of Industry and good to the working classes.   Of course Ayn Rand felt you got more from people you paid well, which being relative in different economies means the Captain of Industry can say, well I was good for awhile in Mexico.  Now I’m nice in China, or India, or VietNam.

As a real actor in the international economy Transcendia is for Human Rights, and freedom is not free.   Civilization is prettier than barbarism.   In earlier civilizations a slave could buy his own freedom.   Ben Franklin and Jefferson thought it was understood that freedom was money.   Ben was smart enough to print it.

It is not fair to the working classes for underground economies to be required.

It is time for the end of the drug war to be accomplished.

The Netherlands and the Swiss and the Germans really do need to withdraw from the United Nations as long as membership is predicated on a permanent Drug War.

Terrorists do not necessarily want to be terrorists.

If you have carried a gun around, you know it is a lot of work.

Making bombs is a dangerous job.

The UN needs to ally with the Working Classes, and at least enforce the Rules of War.

It is interesting and important that Pakistan supplies most of the armed forces used by the UN.   I’d like to visit Pakistan and India and China and Afganistan next week.

When I was younger I hitchhiked and rode in buses and bicycled, and flew around.

My passport from the US just expired, so I may not be allowed to travel unless my Transcendian Passport is accepted.

I wonder what Freight Aircraft like UPS or Fed Ex schedules are.   Would they carry me like the mail?

Round the Bend by Nevil Shute inspired me, and still does.

I think Mr. Jimmy Carter sold Hashish.

I’ve done deep breathing and smoked hash and these are powerful states of mind.

I took a long walk in Toronto hung up on acid thinking about the strength of my convictions.   I’ve done more than inhale and have had the profile of a shed man like the Unabomber.

Luckily for me some hot crazy women found me attractive.

I loved those airplanes too.

So back to War.   What War is now the Good War?

In a Global Economy every war is in play.

Ending the Drug War would have surprising benifits for the civilized workers.

Union support internationally for enforcing the rules of war and eliminating Weapons of Mass Destruction is called for.

Barter brokering in the underground economy will raise up its stature and empower the powerless.

Not every rich person is bad.   There are good rich people.   We workers need to cut them out from the herd and help them protect our children by living as adults.

So I encourage Transcendians to print good looking money for Transcendia, and use it among themselves for the War.

                                             Thanks for listening to my latest speech.

                                              Love, Russell  

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