Original Lease Theory

The Utility of the Lease in International Relations as remembered.

     It is the Lease that offers resolution to the conflict between shared imperatives, and sovereignty.
     Imperatives of international cooperation over and over again runs up against nationalism and sovereignty, and stall.   A crisis follows.
      Failed and failing States or territories in conflict and dispute could be better helped through the mechanism of the Lease, than longterm drift towards the typical crisis that results in war on the weakened by both internal and external powers.
       I site the history of Hong Kong as evidence of the hope offered by an internationally accepted lease agreement between China and Great Britian as resolution of their conflict.
        Since my reading of Jared Diamonds’ books, Guns Germs & Steel, Collapse, and The Third Chimpanzee, I have been thinking about what might be done to resolve the problems of Haiti and determined that the United Nations ought to lease it through its offices either to itself, or to another nation for sensible purposes.
       Since Haiti is destroyed as a self sustaining habitat it may well be best that Nuclear Power Plants and all other possible power generating facilities be built there along with an advance port facility for all manner of craft from boat to airplane to spacecraft.
       If Haiti is already ruined to the degree that is generally acknowledged its practical uses and asset may be a ruin that practically makes its strength, that ruination!
       As a hazardous materials depot and site for an isolated Nuclear Power Generating Point an economy better than the one currently existing would be possible to create to the benefit of the people who live there as well as others in the world and region.
       If pressure on the Dominican Republic is not in some manner soon alleviated it can be expected that the entire island will drift towards a common crisis.
        Lease of Haiti by the United Nations, the EU, or another responsible party in recognition by both the inhabitants the successful outcome achieved by the precedent of Hong Kong would seem to me to be a practical way to move forward from where we are realistically and offer the international community the best hope of a win win resolution.
                                                                                                                    Love, Russell

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