Over There to The Left

Over there on the left side of the page in the Poetry Section I've written a couple of song lyric bones.

I put Dawn Patrol up for a fighter pilot whose book was the last book I could read.  For some reason I've had difficulty finding books, cialis or even watching a movie all the way through.  I ascribe some of this to writing and reading on the computer, ampoule in which the case is beams of light are shot at your face.

I have strong doubt that I'm the only one experiencing this mental change.

I do want to get my hands on a Kindle ebook machine, sales and see if the effect of the screen page disrupts my capacity for attention span, as much as the computer screen seems to.  Now I could be just getting old or something.  Or it could be the right books aren't at hand.  Still actually we've got books all over the house.  There really are some good ones around I've not read.  Candide is on my desk.

Over there in Fiction section, I'm really behind.  Maybe I could do the Wild Palms thing and alternate between Force of Nature, and Norm.

Working Class Corner Columns have me going some due to my life an it's present that needs a lot of fix up.  It's a shared problem about where the money is coming from, and how much there is to work with.  I need to do more for my people, family, friends, random strangers.  Much differently now than for the first 4 decades, I'm not going anywhere anytime soon that I can see.  Think this is what they called married and settled down.

I was sort of up for a job down in Panama, but even if it was offered, I couldn't do it without taking my wife with me.

I am interested lately though is shaking some lyrics out of me, to see what the story is.

There are things that will be done around here if some money rolls in.

The novella Homeless Dog is up for sale on the Amazon Kindle Store.  My wife says a little money showed up.

Oh well, this is just a site report.    Best, Russell 


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