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      Because I am a hard head and tend to do as many things as others the first way I learned, though not necessarily the best way I now and again lose hours and hours of writing that may have been better than what I have to condense to what I remembered of it, because I wrote it online, and it just went somewhere that I can’t find.

       Such a thing happened about 4 times last week.

       My condensed rememberances of the main points were about Defense and Education.

       On the case of Defense I tried to think of weapons that everyone ought to be assumed to be carrying in a time of general war.

       I don’t care where you live anymore, you really need to be carrying some sort of defensive weapon, and not really so much for yourself all of the time.

       There will be call for weapons in outerspace for large crews.   Such weapons will be non lethal and will initially be Taser sorts of weapons, (Though you might call them Phasors like they did on Star Trek.)

       In the Earth environment and outerspace environment non lethal weapons work and therefore I would like to see all sensible citizens have weapons such as Pepper Spray or Mace, and even Tasers, though in the schools I would not allow students yet to carry such things in the classrooms.

       My education was extreme and I was large enough and fast enough until I was in my mid thirties to win or draw in the fights I was in, but for the small and the weak children who have no protectors and may find themselves alone, I might arm even school children with something like Pepperspray.

       My education was so extreme that I lived in Rochdale College in Toronto in during the Viet Nam War when everyone knew someone who had either been there, or who had been there and died there.   There I was a newspaper editor poet and Security Guard.

        All the Hallucenigenic Drugs were legal in Rochdale College, and I worked to keep Drunks and Junkies and Speed Freaks out besides thieves or kidnappers or other sorts who are likely to harm others or themselves.

        There are some people that even go out looking for the first fight they can find and I fought with some of them in the Lobby.

        Overall for a City of its size Toronto is pretty civilized, or was then when I was on Rochdale Security.   I didn’t carry a gun or even a useful knife and fist fought in the fights I had to.

        I was 19 then, and now I am 52 and I really ought to be carrying Pepper Spray as a general rule.

        I was in the Bank today depositing my check and for a second felt a little fear that the guy sitting on the bench outside the bank looked a little crazy.   Who knows what he has in his bags, or how crazy and desperate he might be?

       I was getting some bacon and coffee in a store on Market St. and Wilmington and these guys came in with guns and robbed the place.   They made me lie on the floor.   I had nothing in the face of a gun, and if I had had a gun then there might have been a shoot out.

      With the spray I might have had a bit of a chance if I rolled with it and was able to spray it when the robber might have come to shoot me in the back of the head as happened to a mechanic named Manny I knew.

       Manny lived because he had a hard skull and he was shot with a 25 caliber pistol that has low velocity right out of the barrel.

        Now far as I know if you can have a drivers license you can have Pepper Spray, and really I think if you outlaw guns you ought to require all to carry something for the defense of themselves and others, in a time of general war.

       Of course I think that the Drivers License ought to be a Federal License same as a Pilot License, and it would make clear that we were at war if that disconnect was changed as far as US Citizenship was concerned.

       True Southerners do not believe in the Federal Government which is one of the reasons in the past I called myself an Easterner which works as far as my conflicts over work with Californians in the movie business.

        So to end this stuff about defense, I am going to at least go out and buy Pepper Spray for my wife and myself and keep it with me as part of my civic duty and part of my private need, – now that I’m not so tough.

       The Schools are where the issue of non lethal weapons and their carry would be precedent setting and prepare youth for the carrying and proper use of weapons more generally than is currently the case in the United States at least.

       The attacks and killings that have taken place in American Schools in the recent era does seem to call for defensive weapons of the sort sold by the License Plate place to at least be carried by teachers and administrators of schools.

       In a time of general war upon civilians by external actors, and internal actors, where the place of the attacks is too varied to be fully defended by specialist warriors all must be armed with a clear understanding of the common threat and what their weapons are rightly used for.

       Weapons and physical violence of fists and feet are rightly used to defend yourself or your family, friend, or countrymen.


        Your parents do not teach you what you need to know, but what they know and that is why there are schools and teachers to make up for that fact.

        I tell my daughter that I want to help her learn to do what she wants to do and do not necessarily want her to do things I have done to make a living, or fullfil my destiny.

        I want to help her learn what she wants to know to live up to the destiny she feels God has given her.

        So I want the schools to teach the things I don’t know very well, that I ought to know better, or more of, like I really ought to know another language besides English.

        I want the local Elementary Schools and all schools really to teach languages other than the mother tongue in Elementary School when it is known that that is the easiest time for the student to learn another language.

         If I had any power over education that would be a big issue with me and something that I would not stop attempting to institute.

         I feel that it criminal that students in the US are not taught languages when it is best to teach it to them, and sometimes suspect that it is done on purpose to keep Americans from actually being able to make a living in anywhere but America.

        Reading and writing are crucial skills and the best way to teach reading of English is apparently through Phonics and for English that is the method I would want to make sure was used for teaching reading.

        Navigation and numbers skills are equal to language skills, but dependent on it.   For math and physics I would emphasize principals that solved word problems in math in my schools.

       This is my platform as concerns Defense and Education.

        As far as the Economy is concerned I will address that issue in the next filing.





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