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The Insurodollar Poster Handbill is the most significant work I aim to present on the Hillsborough Democratic Convention Floor. I do not know that many people have gotten to thinking about an alternative currency to the Petrodollar.

In my position, viagra order self created Founder of Transcendia I of course was channeled into thoughts of what I would base Transcendian currency on. For Transcendia I adopted the Insurodollar, viagra 60mg invented in 2003 in early writings. As it is most simply, it is a currency based on the partially pooled equity of Whole Life Insurance Policies, best awarded by the state at birth. For these policies there would be the standard full benefits as concerns physical health, and two payouts.

The pooled equity of the policies will be

    used to form the bank

and be the basis for the value of the currency as reflected by standard best practices of the Insurance Industry.

One can make it simple or complicated depending on ones job.

Defense and Education are the primary legitimate responsibilities of a government. Therefore the first payout will be at the individuals achievement of majority age having passed through the elementary and secondary schools of course also paid for by the state and free for citizens. The payout at graduation from high school would be for the demands of higher education, which may have to be off of the Transcendian port territory.

Some definite allowance is to be made for those who can at that age found a business of their own. Or as it is some may decide to begin working freelance.

I of course see nations such as the Netherlands as well positioned to adopt the Insurodollar. I of course see this as working for the US.

The US is very dependent on the Petrodollar invented by Kissinger and Nixon so as to not have to give France the Gold it wanted to be given it for the dollars it had to redeem. We might mark the modern age of economics with the abandonment of Gold and Silver as a basis for the currency. The Petrodollar is the deal by where the Saudis only take the dollar for their oil. Other oil producers in the Middle east have followed suit.

The Saudis got protection from Israel by the hand of the US guarantee. Of late the Saudis have changed and have purchased more weaponry. They are using it in Yemen. We may be seeing some change in the continuation of some aspects crucial to the solidity of the Petrodollar.

Obviously a currency can be invented.

The Petrodollar Imperative is that as it is dominant and where the money is, it is like gold as it runs out. All environmental needs for the preservation of the planet for people will be shoved aside to support the Petrodollar. You cannot reconcile the Petrodollar and initiatives that attempt to counter climate change.

Here we see the profound effects of the basis for the currency.

In creating wealth from Human Capital, all things that advance Human wellbeing and strength individually so as to in aggregate create a strong nation, priorities are changed, and human life becomes more valuable than oil.

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