Shoulds for Tony Soprano

What ought to have happened with Tony Soprano and Doctor of Dreams Dr. Malfee, is that she advises Tony to divorce Carmella for being too much like his mother, and they marry. Dr. Malfee is advised by Dr. Bragdonovich in this pointing out that Dr. Malfee needs a strong man like Tony to be happy.
We know that many a marriage is made stupid and painful and joyless to be around and watch by the edict to change. Women marry a man and then go on a campaign to change him which he didn’t understand as part of he marriage vows. The rest of the vows as they are are hard enough what with the woman becoming essentially God, what with no other one and all that, but then be someone else is too much.
The show is about his, Tony’s love and passion for Dr. Malfee, which mirrors in her a love and passion that is for both adolescent, but then wrung out into adult by a deal wherein all it is is that Tony obey the law.
Finally they move to Washington State and deal pot for mental and physical health out of her offices, till it becomes legal.
Happiness? Adult growth? , Love, Change in Society? All of it.
Well you see how Carmella is the same as Livia real;y using Tony and her hatred of him to always get what she wants.
She primes Tony to cut to breath of life off when Chris wrecks the car by pointing out to him how in the movie the position of the Boss is disposed and murdered.
Certainly we know how hopeless it is for Chis to be in the movie business early one shut out by a Wasp Gatekeeper Episcopalian Red Head used to stealing and lying so much he feels the world deserves to give her every passing fancy, and then some.
In the alternate universe like Superman’s Bizzaro land of rock made creatures, Chris and the rest of them all would become Episcopalians, Quakers even, distanced from killing and blood.
In the other TV: Mad Men, what ought there to be? It is a stomach churning bit of rat shit. Now I’m supposed to listen to the voice of John Hamm, and Rodger, Roger? What’s his real name? I know it is John Hamm doing a voice over because on Mad Men he is Don.
I didn’t wan to watch Mad Men because I had worked in New York City making Music Videos and Commercials, and low budget independent features.
I learned lighting because I ran Chelsea Film and Video, the film truck that Bob Lecterman put together. It was a hell of a truck. Like a couple of jobs I wish I could have stayed with it.
People looked down on me because I was a writer too.
I acted too.
The would sneer at me as a “frustrated writer”. I’d been fucked over enough to understand Mario Puzo’s brilliant book about the writing life: FOOLS DIE.
And I’m tough enough to take a lot of insults.
I grew up being under attack from the time I was in the second grade. From 6 and 7 on that time from when we, my family arrived in Elon College North Carolina of the USA and I started 2nd Grade, it was attack after attack and fight after fight.
I described it some in the earlier column these regular TV shows are reminding me of. I am sad that there are some people I didn’t get a chance to defend and help more on outside of my family. I don’t even know who the Black kids of Elon College were.

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