Site Report/Poetry Section and Wiki

I have notice that Garth Hoyman has created a Transcendia Wiki.  There we intend to pragmatically work out a finalized Transcendian Government Book.

I may well ditch adsense due to lack of control over the ads on this site, price pills or any other we may create.

In private messages I have laid out a plan.  Basically I am looking at taking over Disneyland, or at least their port feed operations.

Yah know a government is a service industry.

It has been an honor to serve you.

The poetry section is now for some reason real short of work posted there.  It is not all gone, but mostly not accessible.  The AV section ain't worked well in over a year.

I have a sneaky suspicion that costs for anything like are going up as part of a net neutrality sneak up on the way things were.

I am tired and have a lot to think about.  

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