Sunday Notes

Old Business:  Homeless Dog on the Kindlestore was not possible to buy for a week because I tried to make a correction to  what they called a metafile.  We got that fixed yesterday.  That was old business for me, anesthetist and by extension us as it represents revenue.

I encourage those who do support me and Transcendia to buy hats or other clothes bags and all from the Apparel department on the homepage bottom left.

There is other old business, illness but I have to jump to todays concerns.

Since Transcendia is everywhere dependent on a basic level of security it is very opposed to continuing threats of WMDs.  Weapons of Mass Destruction are not acceptable and those engaged and threatening all classes with weapons of mass destruction must be opposed through all means necessary.  This pledge to opposition and conflict over one issue is nothing but an imperative from a practical standpoint.  By forethought and without a waste of anger and passion we need to be angry with those in whatever positions of power allow this intolerable threat to all to continue.

We heard another near useless warning about a possible attack from small planes.  The news report was hardly 5 seconds long that I heard and then it was on to some missing girl and other news that while of some interest is not particularly valuable in the overall big picture.

We need to at least complain and object to the powers that be of these sorts of continuing bits of lunacy for which our margins of error are very small these days. 

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