Evidence of The Crime

We already know that the FAA was shutdown and 4, clinic 000 people were laid off.  That right there is enough for me to look to the US President  to raise the debt ceiling period.

The action of raising the Debt Ceiling of the US is really too small a thing to contain every piece of legislation about every dime and dollar.  The US ought not end up with some bill that has all sorts of tricks in it.

Now I don't have a staff.  Really never seen a dollar out of this website.  The contact button is flawed, I think.  Nobody gets through anyway.  Work done here is volunteered, and the thing has gotten a little old.

I put a book out on Amazon on the Kindlestore because at least if people go there to buy it they expect to spend a little money.  (Name of the book is Homeless Dog)  it's pretty short, but it only costs 2.99.

Anyway thanks to Coastland Tech, for working all day to get the server finally up and running again.

As an editorial suggestion to those who know, or have staff to find out, lets get the names and numbers of those who stopped money legitimately collected by the FAA from going into the US Treasury.  I myself see it as evidence of a crime, and as leading to more and bigger criminal acts perpetrated on the US citizens.

Are they Double Agents? or Traitors? or what? – just stupid?

They say they want to dismantle the US Government, which is what enemies of the US people want to do!  Are we going to let them, watch it on TV, like it's a fiction and not really happening?

I don't want these people in Transcendia, I'll tell you that.

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