Political Artist Rules

Sometimes I have a good time thinking of things.

My friend Garth and I have some good go rounds.  To piss me off royally they shut down the discussion he started.  All these administrators just love to good cop bad cop you as if that's all they really know.  Funny how so many people act like there is all the time in the world.  Life with "Vacation" is a foreign concept to most of my people.

The next two years for me are going to involve 3 cut me up operations.  So I must do some delegating.

The way I see it Transcendia is fighting for civilization against barbarians.  You have a Civilized status quo, allergy and a Barbaric status quo.  The civilized status quo is the good status quo, ailment | and the barbarian status quo is the bad status quo.

The world is at  multidimensional war, drug up down and all around.  Transcendia is everywhere in the world naturally as a consequence of its offices at every airport.  This means that whatever threats threaten everyone, threaten Transcendia.  Weapons of Mass Destruction threaten everyone.  We don't have to start a war.  It finds us.  Fighting this sort of war calls for secret war tactics.

What is called the Drug War, also finds us.  It is an everywhere threat to peace and civilization.  I'm simply declaring at least one set of drugs legal in Transcendia.  This is going to require some serious international agreements and cases in international courts, and possibly armed confrontations.  Short story is defense against WMDs, Disease, and threats to freedom of those doing civil business in drugs like pot, and even pain killing drugs that do have utility in certain situations are part of the national duty to defend territory and citizens.

Essentially all Transcendians become smugglers or the protectors of smugglers where their laws conflict with host country laws and international laws.  This is a serious problem requiring serious forethought..  I simply can't do it all for those who want at least a better world.  I can lead by being an actual person for posters, and speeches setting fashion trends and writing books and all the standard media things, but I am up for three important operations this year, and will probably die at longest within the next 20 years if real lucky.

The US from which I come and do not renounce and need to have an agreement with for us sure has gone wrong and is going wrong putting my people, our people in jail for dealing in drugs.  They are at war with me and us essentially.  None of us really can afford getting things wrong, doing things wrong, as long as we used to be able to muddle through, as they say.  The fact is Weapons of Mass destruction change the paradigm, and call for constant war for control and elimination of the threat of WMDs to all.

Agree or disagree.  Agree make your passport and carry it when traveling, and work to make it supportable so whomever gets arrested carrying one will be covered by agreements and will be bailed out if need be.  Buy a hat.  Buy my book, or what?

Neutral may be feigned, and is all right for say the Swiss.  We'll do the best we can.  Still we ought not just stand by or even think we can avoid being threatened by the barbarians who dressed one way or another steal and loot and destroy what is rightfully ours both individually, and shared.  

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