You need to call and complain to the Attorney General about US Congresspersons who signed a pledge to not raise taxes on the basis of its illegal nature as superseding their oath of office regardless of whether or not it is wise to raise or not raise taxes.

It looks now like the first office to call is the US Attorney General's Office to file a specific complaint against specific Congresspersons who have signed oaths or pledges they put ahead of their oath of office.  Certainly if they speak out of their mouths the desire to destroy the US, doctor and signed oaths to other organizations, nations, or institutions causing material damage to the US, I would see that as a crime.

Certainly those who deprived the US Treasury of fees normally given by the FAA caused material damage to the US.

FBI said first to me they would take a specific complaint, and then today as I was going to make it, they said it was the State Attorney General to talk to, but it now looks like its simply the US Attorney General.

You are encouraged to query and complain to the appropriate agency for which to complain about operations of agents of Norquist Nation, since I'm not the only concerned party in the world, and will accept help.

Number for FBI in DC is 202-324-3000.  Sometimes you'd think these people get "Run Them Around" training.  It can really get one to feeling ground down to work on these things.  Moral support is really important.  

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