Rich and Poor Useless Labels

The Left press blogs sites and writers misphrase the discussion of things with their Tax the Rich headings.  We really need to be phrasing this conflict as a class conflict for some of the "rich" are feeding on even the not so rich, ed but sort of rich.  I am thinking of stories I know of people with say ten million dollars in the bank trying for conservative 1 percent return via interest paid.   They are targets of the fee masters.

My crook is better than your crook, price and my rich guy is better than your rich guy is one way of looking at what is wrong with the Rich Guy Heading.  Rich Aristocrats of British past did feel a duty to their people to make something with their money.  So the aristocrats were good living according to that ideal, that was set back after WWII, as described by Nevil Shute (Norway) in his Autobiography Slide Rule.  I do not feel that the rich of the US are led by such ideals as to how they are to best use their fortunes.

What if I am transparent in my work as the Political Artist, and tell you my plans and whatfores, and grab the third rails of politics.  I have been around for three decades as Transendia, before there was an internet.  I did do samaditz, my newsletters of Transcend O Ray made on the copy machine.

It may well be illegal for me to raise an army, but it is legal for me to create a security force.

We poets do understand the importance of words and how you use them, and what they mean.

A Face book "Friend" for instance said everybody know "Whore" is a term of endearment.  – I didn't know that.  I have a funny story about how the meaning of the phrase "You're Killin' me." changed from a compliment to a complaint when I wasn't looking.  Think it was Aristotle who said you cannot come to any conclusion in a dialog if the meanings of the words used keeps changing.

Personally I don't want in my position to make enemies of all the "Rich".  I prefer to say my enemies are judged as enemies for what they do to me, my family, and my people.

Far as my vote given to Obama cause I could, (anarchist use whatever available), I had hoped that from coming out of Chicago where people fight to the death over work would be more of a down at streetlevel fighter.  I got some hell of an education when I was fortunate to live with my cousins on the South Side of Chicago, when I lived there.

I did tell the people who came to my door asking me to vote for Obama, I would, but I was afraid he would turn out like Carter.

I was invited to that Inauguration.  I've been through some of this Hope! thing before.  I do believe Carter's CIA smuggled Afghani hashish into the US before Congress voted money to support the Afghani resistance to the Soviet Union.  Point blank written questions about this were not very nicely answered.  How many US citizens went to jail for following along, helping raise money for the Afghani freedom fighters?  Us hippies need to really understand what we have lost.  We really need to know what proves it day in and day out.  We have turned awful cynical when you think of the way the pot legal vote went in California.  The tree counties of which one is Humbolt voted against legalization.  All around me I see betrayal.  I get sick of knowing about good people being hurt, having their freedom taken away for no good reason at all.

Wanted to start with money to hire, but its too late now.  Got to now just throw it all open to the wind and say grab it if you want.  Be your own hero.  In the end we are best to live and die for our name.  I have a strong desire to go down with my integrity intact.

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