My People

I am forced to instruct my people to view the US Federal Government as essentially defunct as long as Norquist Nation Pledge signers fraudulently hold office in the US Congress.  The Super Committee or Super Congress, physician is a bad joke on the US citizens.  Working Class people of the US do not have time to be wasting their hopes and waiting for the US Congress to be reconstituted.  If Obama is going to ask for the help of US Citizens in getting Congress to do anything for them, he's going to have to have Norquist Nation called out and gotten out of the way.  I have personally suspended any hope investment in Congress or the Executive Branch.

It is time we let out of prison those there for pot use, or sales, or growing.  The last three presidents of the US as well as prominent candidates are known have used pot and cocaine.  The Drug War is nothing but a real war on every block causing fear and loss day in and day out.  It truly is nothing but an evil stir pot of corruption stew.

US Citizens are foolish if they think they are being defended properly when smugglers of weapons and drugs have every incentive to work together.  These fools running the country into the ground screaming idiotic economic ways to spend tax money are going to waste our time till a goddamn suitcase nuke goes off in NYC, or Washington, or somewhere else.

Attempts to prop up housing prices are bullshit too.  Valuations simply went higher than any correction without other jobs besides construction for people to do.  Further the mega rich are even destroying those who we might normally think of as rich enough.  Upright rich people can't even get any interest off their money.

Far as the Mexicans it is insane for the Mexican Government to not take care of its own people.  Fine if they are going to work here the US and Mexico are simply going to have  to divvy up tax revenues between them.  Mexicans have been run up into the US when they could stay home and grow pot to sell.

You may have the best army in the world, but if you put it to work on too many fronts, it will fail.  On top of that the type of war going on is all skewed by threats from Weapons of Mass destruction.

Myself and others for years and years and years have whimpered and cried about the damage the drug was has done while year in and year out generations have lost all respect and walled themselves off from everybody and everything around them to the point where we may as well all be living in a Zombie movie that's a documentary.

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