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I announced my candidacy on Twitter and fb about an hour ago, symptoms | and said to look here for Platform news.

Things have been pushing me into this very strongly since I lost my bid for the Orange County Airport Authority.  I tried to clear the decks and for financial reasons and family reasons things didn't work out.  I'm a working class man and my crimes are either out of being too nice, pilule or not getting money needed to look more perfect.

I did invent Transcendia, cheap and have worked on getting its nuts and bolts regulations to support the vision.  Most of it makes sense now, but all who join up and really support me and the vision in the real world, must know doesn't matter how perfect or imperfect we might write it up, nothing works if you don't believe in it.

For wealth creation, I must ironically turn to Insurance of my people as real wealth to give labor parity with capital.  You do need to recognize that while we think it is the banks and the bankers running things, it really is the insurance companies calling for piss tests and what happens is more traceable to them than most anybody else, from what i can tell.

I am still a US citizen, and most Transcendians are.  I take Defense and Education seriously.

Because I have had to work at figuring out how to start up right out of only the touchstone vision Transcend O Ray, we see what conventions apply.  Perfection is possible in the arts as long as the work is in a frame, and made finite, and limited.  Transcendia has always had the advantage of being only a small nation of airports starting from all volunteers.

Because people will be flying in and out it is really calling for fees for services.  I do like non profits like the American Automobile Association, and how they run.  I am also a strong supporter of the US Postal Service.

I'm forced now to run as a Political Artist you can write in for either Mayor, or President, but always founder of Transcendia.

This is not the ranting of some hippie dippy fool.  I have been around and through plenty in Urban slums, out in the country, the suburbs, and up in private jets like masters of the universe travel.  I am just now old enough and desperate along with my class enough to give civilization all the help I can, knowing we are in deep trouble.

                                                                                                                                                                               Best, Russell Scott Day

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