one or two lines about norquist oath

Norquist Oath signers seem obviously to put that above their oath of office, arthritis making case for their impeachment, medstore arrest.  If states say these guys were legally elected and want to keep them, I recommend the state be taken over by the Federal Government.

Sorry that it seems like I'll have to set fire to myself to get through.

If US congress so wrong about Debt Ceiling et al, what else like the Drug War are they so terribly wrong about?

I keep smashing at the Drug War because it is so terribly wrongheaded in light of who gets put in prison for it, and the prospect of nuclear suitcase bomb moving with the drugs, since smugglers smuggle.

I keep saying Whole Life Insurance for citizens of US would balance working classes in conflict with capital.

Hey, I need money.   Since it is traditional for politicians to make money from some book, or newspaper,  Homeless Dog is something you can buy for your Kindle.

I need to sell at least 3 thousand to pay off ex wife.  Yeah I got baggage.  All crimes crimes of poverty.  On last stand run now.  20 years goes by real quick.


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