Fame without Money sucks.

Now I might as well work at being famous.  Still the Fountainhead is about  how one is rightly famous from doing good work, unhealthy instead of for being rich, bronchi or for pursuing fame for its own sake only.

Told yesterday I'm headed inexorably to the same fate as Christopher Reeves.  What the hell,  I aint really got much to lose anymore.  Time for me looks shorter and shorter everyday.  58 is not 48, its 58.  You yuts can take my word for it.

Roberts Rules of Order are the bedrock of good governance.   – just thought I'd throw that in there.

Anyway  Famous People I have met, or worked on set with enough to take their measure.

Sort of in order, and maybe not.

It really is a tragedy locally that John Edwards proved so useless.  I can't hardly walk so I need people to come to me now.  Personal contact is everything in business.

Lyndon Johnson is probably the first famous person I meet face to face when I was like 12 or so and he helicopter landed on the Elon College Campus.

I did see Elvis at the Memphis Airport when I was like 4 or 5.  I never really got over that.

Fred Hampton, the great Black Panther.  Rod Serling. was introduced to.  Gene Roddenberry had dinner with.  Melissa Gilbert , rode in the grip truck with me reading Star magazine.  One of the old Rockefellers,  Rod Stewart, Buster Poindexter, LL Cool J, Kirsten Dunst.  – Photographed Kirsten Dunst and LL Cool J.

Mark Sandford of South Carolina.

Was around Sting and Eric Clapton for Tears in Heaven video.  David Byrne.

Important correspondence with Andre` Lewin, of the French UN Association.

The nature of fame has its up sides and downs.  You know you are famous when you are cartooned.

I'll probably think of other famous people I've taken proximity measure of, but those are the ones that crossed my mind right now.

I have done what they do.  Book out, been on TV, on the radio, have website, in papers, and been beat up lots of times.

I'm 58 and I'm basically physically crippled and broke, so I've got little to lose.

@Transcendian, RussellScottDay on fb, Transcendia Speech on Youtube,  Homeless Dog at the kindlestore.

Beni Avini of the New York Post told me things and wrote about me for Haretz.

One failing of mine has been that I haven't given enough speeches.

US Grant is a hero of mine.  It is a flaw of mine that I need friends, they way he did.  I noted what he said about the World Federalist concept.

I hate it after all my work for United Nations Television I was in scary agreement with John Bolton.

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