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This site has been much improved over the years.  I will not abandon it partly due to my experience with losing a trail or readership from to  We are hopeful about getting this site to fully function, stomach and be more interactive, cure but it will take money.

I do know you can buy stuff from the cafepress link and get things with the flag on it.  The black hat and the bag and the sweat were good.  tees are thin.  Never seen a check from them but they do send me coupons, medicine so I might if people buy stuff.

I don't know if the donate button works or not.  The tattoo transfer service was never used by anyone when originally offered.  Maybe a brick and mortar store in Manhattan would make some money, but you can simply take a digital picture of your tattoo and send it to cafepress if you want.

The Audio Visual section is in a clunky state.  The songs are out of order as far as title corresponding to what plays.  Movie doesn't play for me.  Childrens book Daddy Drives a Taxi does flash play, but is of low image quality.

Fiction Section presents chapters from Force of Nature and Norm, which do not read necessarily in order.  It Was So Cold is not part of either, and is a stand alone short story, or prose poem.

2005 was a good year for the site.  Working Class Corner are columns of a mature voice I achieved.

I put my short novel Homeless Dog on the Amazon Kindlestore because I do not know how much longer I can do much of anything without "revenues".

So that's some of the News of, itself.

Outside my borders I have paid attention to US news since I am still a citizen of the US, and NC I guess.  I am pretty "Federalized".

A real Southerner does not respect the Federal government yah know.  I'm not too fond of States Rights myself.

This place here came to be about due to my duty to act and work towards better ideals instead of just complaining.

Over the past 27 or 28 years Transcendian governmental theory has been refined by me and correspondents to a point good enough to be put into real practice.  Real War is in my face, and yours too whether you want it or not.  While I am based in Godwin Anarchist principles I am aware of the flaws of even that which I love.

Really I have been through it enough to recognize and reject ideas proven to me to be mistaken.  One significant change was from reading Grotius in Classic Readings of International Relations, along with the great essay A Critique of Realism by Edward Hallet Karr.  -check the spelling, my wife aint here to help me spell.

The irony of my coming to live in No Airport County, Orange County North Carolina is so perfect as to prove truth is stranger than fiction.

I am encouraging you who are US citizens to ask your Congressman who the agents of a foreign nation are in Congress.

FBI told me they needed specific complaint to investigate.

I judge closure of FAA as it is to be a real crime against the people.

I don't respect those who have done it, or those who will not act immediately to make it right, right now.  You ought not either.

My class, the working class does not deserve to be treated this way.  We work honestly for our pay.  If Congress has a problem with Unions, well they can take that up with the National Labor Relations Board.  Not like FAA went on strike now is it.  The Congress shutting down the FAA and going on vacation, is a crime in progress.  What are you if you watch a murder, and do nothing to stop it?

Anyway, too bad I don't have a camera unit, tv studio, but you can get a little sense of what I am like if you go to youtube and search for transcendia speech.

Flaw of anarchy can be isolation.  I'm reaching out now for real allies.  Real life is at stake.

Yeah and I am on FB, and I do tweet.  @Transcendian, and Russell Scott Day of fb, (friends only)

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