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I feel stupid on one hand, but get the problem on the other.  Just because you tell someone to go to the internet and Wallah their problem will be solved, don’t think you’ve done much.  Certainly in my case with this problem i’ve been having trying to get this guitar to work I never could get much from looking at the insides of my others or taken the learning from the others I’d built to this guitar with it’s switch.

So then the thing you do is wire to the witch with the hots or norths however you want to call them.  The stuff I read kept going to the gains.  I haven’t got it fixed yet. It will be before tomorrow.  Tomorrow there will be an update.  For others I think though that for many thing at least give someone something you learned as a likely slip up divided into to good chunks.

Checklists are used by pilots for planes that can fly themselves.  For the AI people we want good checklists for the robots and thinking machines they imagine.  Aviation Systems tend to be superior.   I see little to hope for if the voice of the robots that attempt to do phone calls from Amazon driven algorithms.

The problem I read of was that for the computer controlled grid there was a terrible need for humans as safeties were cyberwarriors get through to the balance of the grid they could blow the transformers one after the other.  The dams can be breached.   Of course you can understand it better if you have a set laid out from a Genny and you have legs to balance.

If it isn’t grounded right you can get a floating neutral go hot.  AC flows.  AC is mean.   DC along under my fingers doesn’t get me.  I get a volt. off 9, oh, yeah, asbestos wiring insulation.  I’ve seen that stufff plenty.  Don’t let it ever get wet.  Ground and arcs and AC and DC high voltages, all that stuff will kill you.

Efficiency and safety must be the same things in a flow for balance.

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