20 In a Blink

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The film Mint Julep is out as having a premier. It has gotten excellent reviews. I do get credit as DP, which I was, and it was difficult, a good project, that unfortunately was very expensive to me professionally, as well as being difficult, and never yet has led to a career worth much to talk about.

Angelica Torn, now Angelica Page is a fine actress. Mez as well had something, so the cast was good. Even Kathy Fehl and Ian Teal are good actors.

The sound man, Chris Stanley was a good sound man. I was a good DP. Herb Harton was competent as an AC, but had a big ego and had been made promises that were not of the place of the one giving them out, and was resentful and contradictory a character.

There were severe problems about the budget and cash flow etc. that a real Line Producer would have made different. I ought have sent back most of the distribution and big lights. I inherited the package and went to work from days far away from the excellent base, used last at night in the last 15 minutes as pressured by Herb, who then sat around and drank for 2 hours.

The scene in the yard close up of Ian and Johnny Mez fighting I was awakened not knowing whether it was morning or evening. I got slapped for the soundtrack.

Originally Johnny had been a house painter but I noticed the train depot, all oily as I like things with tools and rusted metal and light. I love my handheld scene with Johnny playing the tools. It is all mine.

There were two failures of window reflections when Kathy of a sudden gave the camera to visitors somehow promised a day playing with the camera. I directed, and wasn’t looking in the camera enough to see the reflections of the crew in the storefront window. Kathy must have been missing then for guilt.

Originally the film was supposed to have been done in S8, but Angelica, rightly for her, refused to do it that way. S8 is and was a waste of time, for those certainly not related in LA for a window of time.

I came from Lighting. The Arri 3 did a good job. I didn’t pull a tape late in low light and Ian’s dick is hanging out of his pajamas. Big deal 20 years ago.

Tourism in Aberdeen ought benefit. It is a really likable little place. I loved the mansion we had to stay in for the shoot. I was used to such things after Bail Jumper, a film that was a good script, with moments, but flawed by the lead actor’s lack of charisma.

Far as what is now “Mint Julep”, better late than never.