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Oh the things I learned.
Mostly I am at the age when lots of it is about relearning. I rephrase things as well. I rewrite things.
I have been rewriting the short stories. I collected them, and looked at them. There is something wrong with it. I have more work to do.
Last July I published the Transcendia Passport. I looked back and it was clear that the thirty 8 years I spent working on creating Transcendia, my model nation, was complete as far as the theories of governance.
Whatever works. Looks like of democracies Westminster Parliamentary Democracy works. William James said democracy is delicate.
Since Parliamentary Democracy lives longer than Presidential Electoral Democracy, I decided to go with that democracy. The US Bill of Rights works for me.
I would like it if it was more defended.
Of violations of the Geneva Conventions, I don’t endorse torture as a way to get information out of enemies. I will endorse the use of drugs to get information out of enemies, which is a violation of the Geneva Conventions.

There was another convention that made the militarization of outer space a violation. I’ve got it in my files. It is reported that there exists a secret satellite whose purpose is not known.

It is likely a Star Wars power ray. We do sort of need to know where all the submarines are. The submarines that are equipped with nuclear missiles are the most powerful weapons delivery systems, and if we were to see the elimination of nationstate nuclear weapons from our arsenals, it would mean we would be at constant war with those who might cheat.

I have no doubt that some organization would attempt to cheat when it comes to the power that can be attained from the possession of nuclear weapons. To me this means that we would need to deploy killer subs whose goal would be to sink any subs that might attempt to blow up cities like NYC.

We need to plan for peace, which means planning for war. Hopefully this will be enough for the apparent lust for war that is proven as a direction many many people take.

I know that great leaders turn to engineers to help with the solving of their most dramatic problems.

Subject Change: I have been trying to keep up with Noam Chomsky. I watched his debate with Alan Dershowitz. I focused my thinking on Israel and Palestine.

I decided that to create an disincentive for both parties to kill each other I could suggest a skew of the Insurodollar. That would be that in either the two state or one state solution, all Israelis and Palestinians would be insured by the national insurance company. If then civilians were killed by Israelis or Palestinians, the insurance company would have to pay death benefits.
Property destruction would allow require the Insurance company to pay for the restoration of destroyed homes and other real property.
Dr.? Mr. Professor Chomsky did allow that this was a good suggestion. He properly was not very encouraging. He indicated getting people to consider the concept would be very very difficult.
I intend to make at least two speeches this year. I’ll include the suggestion in at least one.
If Transcendia had borders under its control, and army I might be allowed to speak at the UN about it.

Subject Change
My wife arranged for me to meet with Laura Mersini Houghton and her husband Jeff. I could not have met a couple more perfect to recruit for the establishment of Transcendia. Transcendia, and myself have had two goals. One was to prevent apocalyptic riot. The nation itself is to serve as a moderating influence, and be capable of taking up where the UN leaves off.
I always attempt to build on strengths. Of the remnants of civilization we have in the world, international airports stand out. My early studies of sociology indicated that port cities are most tolerant of different cultures.
As we see today, most all people as individuals, act properly at the airport. To fulfill the stated need for an exile island, as is part of the Points for Reinvention of the UN, written by Andre` Lewin, Chairman of the French UN Association, Transcendia, as a nation of airports, could well fulfill this need for a place to which failing leaders, could run.
Typically they run to the airport as it is.
This is another case of my attempt to build on a strength that already shows up whenever governments fail. Just as in my art, as a writer, I try to leave you a way out, physically one is not wise to trap those with powers of violence if cornered.
As a leader I intend with Transcendia to give all World Citizenship. This is a function of the passport. Since we are now all supposed to become spies, then as any good spy, we all need two passports.
I resent it that World Citizenship is declared a characteristic of the life of Richard Branson, but is some status clearly denied many many honest working people. Just the day before yesterday I heard that workers on the Abu Dubai Olympic Village were trapped into slave wage and slave like working conditions as forced to surrender their passports to the contractors in control of them.
I, through the creation of my passport have created an alternate passport document.
Getting it to be taken seriously as more than the evidence of a work of conceptual art, is a serious difficulty if I am to stay close to my pledge to create the nation without the resort to the normally necessary war.
I draw on the strength of the arts as illustrated by the lands controlled by Disneyland. While I was inspired by Pan Am, the resolution of the earlier Opium Wars that created the legally recognized and obeyed rule of Hong Kong, and Woodstock Nation, it is the precedent of Disneyland that is most powerful for my purposes.
If the Vatican is allowed to so influence the UN, I see that Disneyland ought to warrant a seat as well. As a governing power, Carl Hiaasen pegs it as a Plutocracy in his short book,

    Team Rodent. Be that as it may, Disneyland has a great deal of influence on the perceptions of the world’s children. Every nation now knows that it must inculcate its mythologies, its heroes into the minds of the children, and that once that is done, they maintain their concepts of who it is to admire and what ideals to follow for the rest of their lives.
    I want for my passports to have a bureaucracy run as a side business of ramp rats, and station agents working on all airports. I want the pilots that fly freight and passengers all over the world to give passage for free, or as possible for those who need to be able to go where they are able to find their place.
    So far I feel well ignored by the successful hedonist Sir Richard Branson. I guess I’ll have to invade Necker Island where he and Elon Musk are planning on being neighbors, far as I hear.
    Possibly there is another island on which they plan to hole up as the world becomes more and more desperate. Elon Musk has clearly said that when the world is sufficiently terrible, Mars will become more attractive, and as refugees of Old Europe became desperate to sell all their things and move to the New World, so people on Earth will see Mars as a sane place to go.
    Governance of Musk Mars has never much been mentioned. What exactly Mr. Musk has in mind for the citizens of Mars, doomed to live inside, or forced to wear quite elaborate protection when going out might ought to be understandable. When I asked an anarchist if he thought anarchy would work for people on Mars, he didn’t much hesitate in his negative answer of “No”.
    No, he didn’t think anarchy would work for people on Mars.
    The standards for airports are that they are beholden to the governments that own the lands that they are on. Then for the day to day, they are operated by best practice Airport Authorities.
    In fact not all that many of us really want to be politicians. Al Franken said when asked if being a US Senator was as much fun as working on Saturday Night Live, and answered, “Not even close.”
    Personally, if I did not feel that it was necessary for me to contribute the thoughts directed towards a political solution to the pressures building that could well trigger what I now call Apocalyptic Riot, I’d do something else.
    My sister thinks I ought to just write it up as science fiction. I used to make fun of myself as grandiose, but lost all fictional distance from Transcendia, except for the idea of a 3D Virtual Reality, Scratch and Sniff War Movie, and War Game, as proven to be powerful enough when viewed in light of the limited success of Disneyland.
    I do have 64 pages of the movie, but am bogged down with the war. I have been trying to finish another book. I needed something to do for my own satisfaction. There is Jet Beach, ready to be produced in near total from the screenplay you can buy on Amazon. The Revolutionary isn’t that difficult to turn into a screenplay, and has a valuable lesson in there. That being that anarchy often leads to isolation and despair. Anarchy is only perfect when it is perfect, as for it to function well, everyone must be a very well educated person, and further share the same vision and goals.
    Alcoholics Anonymous works as the most robust functioning anarchy I know of. It’s goals are very limited, and its success rate among the individuals who join runs to about 30 percent, at best. The thought prompts the question: Is human nature diseased, and only to be moderated by government?
    Sadly we do not see the UN as succeeding in preventing wars. Gladly we can look at the organizations of the UN as vital and functional. I am thinking of the International Organization for Civil Aviation, and the World Health Organization.
    Most dramatic of failures of the UN, in my judgement, is that it still hasn’t claimed space in TV land. We really really ought to get UNTV in there presenting truth and education, and even entertainments on our standard, normally running televisions.
    It is nearly astounding that the majority of people don’t even seem to question that the UN does not produce a competitive television channel.
    The attempts I made to change that definitely wore me down and proved that I’ll probably be a dead failure before I succeed in changing that.
    I can’t remember why someone called screaming a message for my phone from the UN Foundation over my attempts to achieve this goal. I am now struck with details of the events of the creation by Al Gore of Current TV, and its subsequent sale to Al Jazzera. What that story would indicate is a slide towards and uncaring attitude on his part about anything to do with aid to the world, and benefits to his personal fortune from his forays, into show biz.
    Whatever happened, it is clear to me that an airline and a television channel, are not much different in the marketplace from an airline. Such information and insight is valuable to someone, I imagine. Some people can write entire magazine articles about such things.