Spring & Summer Class War Campaign Notes

Class War Notes are about Tactics & Strategies for the peoples retaking of the US Gov. & or establishing Permanent Gov. in Exile.

RVs & Sound Trucks are Mobile Destinations for gatherings of people who are committed to the Counter Revolution in agreement that the Revolution is Oligarchic Unity of Russian Oligarchs & American Oligarchs.

As said in prior posting Spring & Summer are the war season.  It is the class war we are in.  The Trump Administration has to be stopped.  It is a Bad Faith Presidency and Administration.

Taking territory and holding it is the aim.  RVs for our purposes are equivalent to Tanks.  They are mobile destinations, leading & support vehicles for necessary marches.  On the day we will call for them to assemble at parking lots of Airports & Parks.

Green areas represent assembly places for the “Army of the Counter Revolution in the Class War of the Trump Years”  Notable places to have Scouted are Mount Olnet Cemetery:

National Air & Space Museum/

Navy Yard/West Potomac Park

Montrose Park

Armed Forces Retirement Home

Smithsonian’s National Zoo

Layfayette Square, Pershing Park,

Department of the Treasury

Rawlins Park

Washington Monument Lincoln Memorial

John F Kennedy for the Performing Arts.

US Department of State

The Marches & Entertainments & Speeches have Start dates to be determined starting in May, June & July with special attention to Legislative Sessions & the end of Government operations listed as July 16th.  Post that date we are to make efforts to occupy our Government offices.

There are two KOAs:  Capitol KOA & Fredericksburg, Va. KOA.  These represent RV or even Tent positions for Counter Revolutionary Staff.

Also there are Hotels & Motels, such as Hilton Garden Inn.

Airports have parking lots which represent destinations for cars, trucks & RVs.  Hyde Field Washington Executive Airpark, Potomac Airfield VKX,  Freeway Airport are important positions to scout for as assembly and operational command posts.

All of the DC Airports represent territory to be used as they work naturally and with our additional purposes.  All outlying positions and what they can sustain and accommodate must be scouted by Location Managers using Counter Revolution Class War Campaign Checklists.

Washington Dulles International Airport, IAD

Up pops Extended Stay America North of Centerville. 703-263-3361.  Possibly this would be the main Command and Control Center.

Leesburg Executive Airport JYO.

Ronald Reagan National Airport DCA

Baltimore Washington International Thurgood Marshall BWI.

Montgomery County Airpark GAI

Fort Washington Prince Williams Forest Park.

Kenilworth Park & Aquatic Gardens.

American History Museum & Hot Dog Stand.

IRS Building

Woodrow Wilson Internations Center for Scholars

White House Visitor Center.

Let us pick an office living space that could be permanently under our territorial control.  One Command & Control Center in the outer perimeter behind the action with contacts for forward controls.

Breakfast lunch & Dinner, First Day Big Dinners from the First Day in the Evening, A large Dinner at the Primary Command & Control Center along with four Quadrant secondary positions having their Opening Dinners & Stage Events linked by Screen Streams of all back and forth on screens or however necessary and fun.

Main Question Is How to Spend our Money that is ours in our pockets or ours in our Treasury.  The Class War Budget will make appropriations for Defense of the Nation & its Territories, & Education First.

Education first after Defense.

Defense of the innocents and those who cannot defend themselves is to be determined first.  After that come the grown ups.

My modeling of Education means per capita for all at the rates known as Best Practices.  Transcendians all will have access to pilot training.  From pilot studenting , ie Learning, I am aware more fully of the effectiveness of Peer to Peer learning and teaching.  I taught some children to read when I was younger and have remembered that when reflecting on how I learned to fly.  I believe in a book of tests for Certifications in all necessary things.  The educational component of the work of PoliticaL SCIENCE Best Practices Artistry and the Border and Borderless Imperatives of a Utopian society of good fair ethical laws eliminating all Victimless Crimes and lifestyle policing of the damaged patriots will be the Dinner Topic and subject of the Post Dinner Address by me, or and the rest of the Command Post Captains.

Defense & Education are the only legitimate functions of the nation.   This exercise runs off of the extreme modeling necessary for the Airport Nation.  America was the nation of the anarchists.  Being left alone was the aim of the anarchists of America out there on the Frontiers fighting for land and fighting Indians because they are there.

The Indians are the aliens to be our future made up holographic green creatures with big brains.  Dick Gregory was right Americans are forever looking for Indians to kill and take their land.  Oh no we’re not here to take your land!  We’re just here as tourists, and we like golf a lot.  Like the note said, we want your gravel.

I’m referencing a short story in the New Yorker, in the spirit of a Donald Barthamilie Barththome Bartheme ?  In my mind it is Bart Thal ah Me.  but it was alien messages to earth before they were to get here in about 30 short years.  We will eventually have warp drive.  I as Founder of Transcendia will hire or simply direct the Engineering Department to make a Warp Drive Multi Universe Ship.

I have contributed by stating that the thing demarcating one universe from another is different general speeds for light affecting then the periodic tables with multiple Big Bangs at the squeeze twist points where all waves go all tornado like into a swirl creating the true voids.  In the Balloon Cosmology it is the Hotdog Balloon model to work your physics mind around.

Not the round all by itself Balloon.  That only works for one universe.

Nothing in human systems is perfect without belief in it.  It is the spirit of the system that is more important.   Let us look now at the Institutions of the Government we have for the territory we truly control, & that being the US Treasury.  We will start there with how much and for what school systems the money will go to.  This is the system we can give to Washington DC from the grounds, steps of the US Treasury.

So then if we can get together around 4 RVs that meet at an airport disperse from there to arrange for march to the steps of the Treasury and read what we want out of it for the National Educational System.  All the currency we need is in that building.  Debt to ourselves ends up in our pockets as money when we convert it to metal coins we can make into knives or cartridges.  It is all a big art.

Big Political Artistry.  Best Practices!  Gov. in Exile.  Marches will be limited to 3 miles at a time.  Command structure street leaders will all have walkie talkies or phone tree reporting to command centers.  Aim is to advance upon the center of DC and all its Institution Buildings.  Our Counter revolution will establish permanent offices for its Government in Exile which recognizes undo control of the Government by the Rich engaged in their attacks on us.

It is necessary for us to tell the Treasury how to spend money on Education because that is the flaw in the current government, the place where it has most let us down.  It is not working to have so much ignorance caused by State control of education.

We must have established Industrial Service Banking in our Post Offices which is our real federal everywhere territory.  It is part of their mandate to serve us.  Money orders were the evidence of the Post office recognition of its place in the financial system and that best practice is to be made more real in utility banking.

Industrial Service Banking must fund business methods without any but insurance on principals capitalization.  We must have it as it is recognized by the government in IN-Q-TEL that so far is oblique in its operations and benefits to us.

The precedent for more advance systems for indigenous industry is illustrated there.

But Education under Besty DeVois with its emphasis on gouging the citizen with privatization undercutting whatever good existed in her has to go.  Her pilot training is a great instinct but said to be unscalable.  Transcendia as a nation will pay for any citizens pilot training and even encourage all citizens to have pilot certifications from Transcendia every day.  It will go into the Transcendian regular expenses.  The National FBOs of the Airport nation will require profits on sales to pay for insurance for all & education for all, even so much as Boy Scout Camps and independence training early, early in a persons move from unsocialized barbaric beast to gentleman and lady in classical character terms of habitual ethical behaviors.

Your Parents Teach you what they know and parents are required to teach what they know in our schools.  Teachers teach what parents don’t know how to teach.  Forget about spirituality and religion in public schools and know all we care about is ethical behaviors which contribute to what we call character.

Okay, I’m planning for my nation Transcendia which is spawned, by the civilization I was brought up to aspire to.  I contribute a Party as part of my work of political art as I write now because I was rejected and quite the Democratic Party.   I am aware that there is a Party structure that is real of the Democratic party and I have nothing.

That is a good place for me to end this post.

“I Phone Lifestyle” is my record cd album latest you ought buy.

amazon.com/author/transcendian to buy my books and thereby advance my effectiveness.  I liked my rocket program of the message rockets but it did teach me that that is advanced as a pro active civil demonstration.  Marching is simpler.  Still if we are message rocket equipped for the July 15, 16, & 17th Campaign of Class War with feeding & territory control taken care of maybe we could get in some launches.  Russell Scott Day on Face Book.  Transcendian on Twitter.