Monument Row in Richmond Va

I never knew about Monument Row in Richmond Va when I was a fully functioning dangerous physical specimen. It exists. Starting in 1890 the Confederates put up statues and monuments to Confederate States of America heroes starting with their favorite, the well dressed traitorous pervert Robert E. Lee. Then it was the dandy boy Jefferson Davis. Stonewall Jackson and then Jeb Stuart are represented.
Wonderful! Fucking great!
ACA, or Obamacare is being denied to working class people by states who do well at the big lie. Turns out see it costs a lot for you to live well with secure health. The government has to pay because people move around from job to job in ignorance of how to keep their money. They don’t have accounts and never were told how to manage the little bits of money they get.
Ignorance and anti intellectualism have been wining as attitudes.
i know how it was for me to be young in the South and hear how it was terrible that you had to pay a Union to keep a job. I was trained up young thinking I got nothing but war and roads from the government.
I was raised up thinking that the government was horrible and corrupt full of people invested in taking my money period. Thieves and killers were running my life is the way it was taught to me.
There was no one for me to trust. Work on your own getting your own company was all that I might be able to do.
I tried that. Competition and partners ruined me when the Unions cynically worked with the powered producers to crush one of the other unions.
Then it was only welfare for me as a divorced guy with his own company.
So now is a good time to knock over the CSA statues on Monument Row in Richmond.
It doesn’t really make sense because the world is really twisted and true enough the Unions are screwing you too.
Those politicians are screwing you.
But I know that there is something really really wrong with those statutes to Jeff Davis, and Robert E. Lee up in Richmond now.
Think about it a little for yourself. Think about all of the world a little for yourself.