Parallell Cat World

They were sad bad dreams I had and forgot.
I got up finally.
My wife was scared of a new tool we gave her.
I understand.
I have my own things I think of and must say.
Preparing for tomorrow means I want a knife.
I have some.
I want one like the obsidian hand axe z a ze.
Like how many years was that all a man had?
My brother-in-law gets it about the knives and James Jones always had a them.
A pistol and a knife.
A knife.
So what the dream was was about a TV commercial
Made by a shyster
with a poison pool of metal water and speed rail
all building this Buckminster Fuller assemblage over it
and around it
and I was broke without a dime.
I didn’t have any money at all and I was depending on this guy to finish his pitch and take me to the wedding.
It got later and later in the afternoon.
Everything was touched by poisonous water as everybody got in the pool of it.
There was an antidote but you had to buy it whereas the scene of the play where everybody was interested in it all was poisonous.

I discovered that I had been trying to make the Kindle Fire work more. Flip or Flap and something about the New York Times is in my mail. I remember now how I was trying to get more out of the Kindle Fire experience. Screen options like I am used to on my computer just don’t show.
Lots of time goes by trying to make the mechanisms give you more. It could be a car, or a ditch, or a knife and wood to make a spear.
I have a modern life now that was primitive when it started.
That isn’t true because all of the mechanisms essentially as things that could be done with a wireless like had been from the time of the US Civil war when Lincoln could stay by the telegraph office and the troops could be moved tot he battlefield by train and there were 6 shooters.
Every FAA tower controller thrown out of work by the Republican shills taking all the money are encouraged to help me get Transcedia able to pay them. They are encouraged to print out and assemble the passport.