Barbarians Versus Civilized

Clintons as Bill wakes

Bill looks at Michelle




The Democratic Party & the Republican Party as GOP & C.S.A. are now one party with the Clintons as one candidate from them and Trump as the other candidate from them.  Within the One Party which ever candidate is anointed Emperor does matter.

Thanks to Nader for creating the Green Party.  All that is left standing now is the Green Party versus the GCD Party, meaning Gops, Confederates, & Democrats.

The New Normal, a New Normal, event comes from death of old normal.  Actions, things happening that are criminal or and ethically wrong, resulting in no difference.   When crimes are committed against the victim & nothing happens to redress that crime it is called an injustice.

Sanders has been Gored.  He is right to revert back to his former affiliation and any complaints about that ought go dry if Sanders money in Clinton’s pockets.

It was Gore’s moment to stand for something.  He choked.  He endorsed the Clintons.  We can only make suppositions as to his reasons for endorsing the Clintons over Sanders.  New Normal.

There is a case in Delaware over unpaid bill with Al Jazzera that is dead now but owes him for the “Gate” what Current represents in TV market.  Like the Uranium mines sold to the Russians is RT, as who controls TV controls the mental landscape.

RT & VICE, or VICE & RT show how far one can get with youtube access even.  “Content is everything.”

Rove Tricks now normal.  New Normal.

Corruption is king.

Same moment Congress has sit in the law Paul wants enacted makes lying by investment advisors more legal.  International love of the US for its meritocracy being murdered.

The role of the USPO in establishing the principles of Meritocratic rewards for work performance, rights to privacy, private currency, money transfers is profound.  Sabotage of the USPO represents the very worst of our internal enemies.

Those who say that the USPO is not equipped to handle Service Banking are lying.  USPO Money Orders exist for a reason.  Service Banking would eliminate the need for Check Cashing centers that charge exorbitant fees to cash a paycheck of the poor.  Finance banking has collected all the deeds with TARP money pretending they were Industrial Service Banks.

It ought mean lit up that these Finance Banks do very little in aid of the commonly shared economic fortunes of the working classes forcing the Treasury to respond with the real thing.

What happened to the money that the Sanders Campaign raised?  Most Sanders supporters would be repelled to find that it went through the Democratic Party and because the Clintons won, goes into coffers to be spent on her.

Sanders loss is a real loss.  If he asks for more money to replace wad blown he needs a better plan than the one he used.  The run as a Democrat made sense only if they operated fairly.  The process was rigged against him and as a part of it his time and ours was wasted.

Middle?  Working Classes are in the squeeze of two sets of Barbarians.

To fight, and I mean fight in a civilized way as you do when your heart is broken and you live on Madison Ave. fight for control of your Treasury & the National money, its Currency, a Unique currency still holding the reserve status that the US Dollar holds, it is just spending the money in whatever amount necessary on Education & Defense, then Infrastructure which is part of the Defense, and Education which is part of the Defense.

The nation must always be on the Defensive.

There is a limit to War by Threat.

The US did not make Russia a State when the time was ripe for it.  It participated in the looting of the Russian assets.  Then in reaction a strong man out of KGB culture & using Active Measures took over selling NG to Europe & China & getting spending cash for rocket delivery to the ISS.

The US Trades with its enemy & enemies under the cover of Fronts if need be, to get what IT wants, and IT may well be no more than 5 operators of intelligence services reporting to generals over what war will be next and who will supply and profit from the MaterEal.

Israel has the status of a C.S.A. State with nukes.  The abuse of the Palestinians is the same as Jim Crow was for the South that puts up monuments to Generals who were Traitors to the Union fighting for the spread West of Slave LABOR.

I have proposed in that case that the Palestinians insure Israelis against death and destruction, and the Israelis insure the Palestinians against the same.  It is fair on its face and a disincentive to violence on both sides of the conflict over water & territorial freedoms.

The US only supporting Zionism with only force equipment and thinking means revolving pivotal move towards fulfillment of Apocalyptic Visions out of no improvement in mental capacity covering 30 thousand & then 6 thousand years.

Israel was not given Palestine by God, or the Gods, but by Rome.

In essence while I have my model Transcendia always to fall back on long as I have no borders or any armed forces a second UN is required.  This second UN must have a commitment to banning the bomb that it can enforce, and gendarmes that work with weapons to protect the people & give them confidence in a Government of Governments that by international law does not tolerate barbaric behavior at either end of the stick.

You can credit Andre Lewin the French Diplomat with confirmation and leadership regarding Reinvention of the UN.  My correspondence with Andre began after his article in the NYTs of March 15 2003.  At that time I was pursuing the establishment of a UNTV that was on the fireplace where we look in our modern homes for news that affects our lives and needs to be truthful.

Parliamentary Governance of the US Strategic Necessary Planning

Scan - Version 2

Transcendia, was a work of conceptual art that I lost all fictional distance from. I read history nearly exclusively now. It has been a good while that this has been the main reading I have done. I was sad that Paul Johnson in his New History of Art, so disliked photography which is what I am best at. I understand his views, and like concrete too.

Early on I read of Napoleon battle strategies and adopted the siege circles for the continuous defense a nation of airports would have to apply. Transcendian airports will be run on a day to day basis by the “best practices” of airport management, and I would call this as all schools are called in Transcendia, Flight Schools, regardless of the finest of curriculums. I cannot afford a standing army for the most part, and really am not wild about even having citizens not willing to carry weapons for the defense on a daily basis of the national assets and lands.

Far as what I know about governance after abandoning Anarchy, it is a daily responsible institution like an airport authority led by clear goals and a parliament of winning or losing parties that is best. It is sad that to this day governance is not understood, or even economic policies are set to belief systems instead of basic practicalities.

Corruption is the main thing to stop in all government if you want a nation that secures its borders and provides for its people. The role of engineers in a government is further not at all insignificant. You as a great leader must communicate clear goals, and when faced with problems, hire and direct your engineers to solve your problems.

Old legacy entrenched businesses now are killing us. Old stupid ways of thinking are killing us. It is Not Conscious that I live in, a State with every advantage, and it is old corrupt attitudes about the relationship between business and labor that make 25 percent of the population poor and ignorant. “We Freed the Slaves, and Now we just rent them.” is the reality of the way employers think of their semi skilled labor pool.

They want to have the same with skilled labor and often don’t even know what skilled labor is. I see this in regards to the stagehands and the film crews. Without IATSE there would likely be more deaths at concerts, as there were in Rhode Island. Rigging things that are heavy over peoples heads is a skill to be proud of. Making a set work is a serious skill.

But I am off track some for what I was first to be aiming at was how to change over from an Electoral Presidential Democracy to a Parliamentary Democracy in the United States.

I do look to the anarchists of Occupy to accomplish this feat. The threats of the GOP extremists to shut down the US, Federal government represent an opportunity to seize the reins of power.

Defense must always be first. A nation that is changing its government must have people willing to deal with the issue of armed powers. The US Armed Forces have tremendous international power in the lands that they occupy on their bases. Who is going to make sure they understand the good direction and goals that the new government will give them?

The People of the nation must clearly state that the mission of the US armed forces is to defend the nation. I suspect that the GRU and FSB of Russia, along with the Chinese and North Koreans understand that the USA has left itself vulnerable to shutdowns of its information grid and its electrical grid. It is understood that the only way to ensure the balance of the electrical grid is to have it manned.

Efficiency as in centralized computer control of the electrical grid goes too far and leaves it vulnerable. We are in an age of Cyberwar, and it is the duty of the National Defense Institutions to protect all of our vital Information Internet grid, for business transactions and to prevent our rockets and spaceships from being sabotaged.

I suspect that our rockets as run by Elon Musk and Space X, as run by Sir Richard Branson and Galactic, and as run by NASA, have suffered crashes due to Russian cyber sabotage. This reliance on Russian Rocket Engines is stupid. The metallurgy is unique to the engineers and metals of Russia, and we cannot expect it to work for us when we are at war with the Russians as we and NATO attempt to encircle and inhibit Russia on the cheap.

Economic War leads to War.

The US has lost its edge. The US has a habit of ignoring threats. The US is not invulnerable. While computers are a Zenith technology of our day, the hardware of our rocketry based within our borders is also our Zenith technology, and it must be pro actively defended.

Because of the corruption of the mission of the US Armed Forces and the over the top out of control Secret services known to smuggle drugs and use aviation ground support and airplanes must at the same time our people move into the seats of the Congress, both the House and the Senate and divide according to Party, as already divided, going forth to accept the situation and eliminate the cults of personality, I suggest the Coast Guard be asked to take up Command and Control of the Armed Forces since its mission is clearly to protect the borders and lands of what is rightfully USA lands.

Particular attention to who is to have Command and Control of our Submarines must be taken in hand. The CIA, NSA, and all other Intelligence offices must be occupied at the time of the change to the parliamentary system.

Cabinet ministers with inviolate portfolios must be named and installed.

We must find the corrupt and oust them. The corrupt must be named and shamed.

We must recognize that we must be Nationalists, instead of Corporatists. The TPP as revealed to us by Edward Snowden has in it a clear aim of taking from the Nations sovereign rights of law, and enforcement of laws relating to economic treaties. The facts are known of Chinese theft of intellectual property, and as a nation the US is remiss in not bringing suit in international courts that have long standing traditions meant to protect one nation from the other. The “new” courts are obviously set up to force nations to give to Corporations free reign as the corporations seek Monopoly and seek to force all labor into compromises that effectively doom workers in China, and the US to lives of insecurity and wage slavery.

It does not have to be this way. A nation has the right to protect it vital industries through Tariffs and taxes designed to enable its people to live well. Piketty offered solutions to the great inequality that is ripping out of the money supply great stores of money. When more than enough is not paid to workers, they cannot become educated properly, and cannot create new and better ways of doing work, or invent.

Piketty said that what had to be done was in the US and in the other Western Capitalist Nations, all dominated by Corporations and Trusts and Hedge funds, was enforce the Exceptional Tax, Progressive Tax, and Banking Transparency.

When I look at the Right Wing Parties who have garnered undo power over the fortunes of the working classes, enabling Corporations to shift away manufacturing to the Chinese where wage slavery is so acute nets have to be put around Foxcom to prevent the loss of labor to suicide by jumping from higher stories of the factories.

I am a product of the diminution of my fortunes as skilled and inventive working class experiences, and share my fortune with others of my class in other nations. To that end I invented the Insurodollar because the basis of the currency matters a great deal and has fantastic power to alter the paradigm that afflicts my class.

I go beyond paying lip service to Human Capital to putting Human Capital at the center of the economic system as Human Capital must become the basis of the currency in the US, and it is going to be a saving grace of the reserve status enjoyed by the US while it is at the pinnacle of its power derived from its dollar, the Petrodollar.

Some of us believe that the US dollar is a fiat currency, but the US Dollar was a gift of Nixon and Kissinger who engineered the agreement to have the Saudi’s only take US dollars for Oil, creating the Petrodollar, whose time as secure and ascendent is eroding, like a tree that grows half its life, and dies half its life.

I find the death of Chistophe de Margrert three months after declaring that the Euro ought be as easy to use buying oil as the US Dollar very suspicious for I have unfortunately had a ride in a Falcon 50 and they do not crash. One was shot down in 1985. The thrust to weigh ratio is very close, near same as for an F16 that can take off straight up at sea level. Oil prices being down and the US prosecuting an Economic War with Russia have built up to where now the US and the whole world are on the verge of serious war.

The facts of war expansion between Russia and the US are clear in Syria now. Look not at the aircraft, but at what tanks are there, and what they might do. Tanks win. Infantry with tanks win. The Germans in the Eastern Front during WWII surrounded the Russians with their tanks and crushed them over and over even as Hitler denied them the superiority in tanks and clothes necessary for them to win. Aircraft in war protect tanks and victory looks like your tanks with your little flags on them, leading or surrounded and protected by infantry.

War is a constant as mobsters and spies all know.

The spies have too much gotten independent funding from their front companies. Corrupt and into drug dealing, and corrupt on missions for their secret agendas, the spies fail us, leading to major outbreaks of war, or and prolonging war.

The people of the US as they might work to alter the government so that the President is not simply a War Powers Dictator, and the US people are not controlled and only benefit from what the Military Industrial Complex allows, as is the case with our ports and roads, civilians needs taking a backseat instead of a frontseat when it comes to ports and highways if not employment and industry, as now it is that Research and Development dominates in the Universities aims of the military, and not those aims of a civilian economy.

The great thinker and lecturer at Harvard William James said, “Democracy is delicate.”

The Greeks won because their people were invested and part of their national government. Now in the US you cannot run, and are rejected out of hand if you do not have money. Why then ought you be loyal and even concerned both with your leaders fortunes, and your own in one nation? I have no reason what soever to give a damn about the fortunes of Donald Trump, or Mitt Romney, or any of the rich guys. They do not think straight obviously or simple solutions to our internal difficulties would spill from their lips.

Build a Wall! You have to be kidding me. The nations of the South Americas have supplied workers and soldiers to the US cause for over a hundred years now. It was a fact even before the Drug War that has been a jobs program for the police. The solution is to end the Drug War and remit to the legitimate governments of South America some of the taxes that are right to be collected from a worker’s paycheck.

Democracy is delicate. Sanders is speaking of solutions to the wreckage that is being done to the USA. That he is judged to be a fringe candidate with no chance of beating Hillary Clinton is disturbing because his solutions are simple. But what is it? It is corporatism in conflict with Nationalism.

Look at the history of democracies and you see that all the Presidential Electoral systems turn into oligarchies and dictatorships. It is on the US now as it has been building since Nixon and Reagan. Internally the surveillance of us has been built on the drug war. You do not see people ever dying in emergency rooms from pot. Since it is a folkway amongst the poor and the blacks and those who united with them in dreams of a Woodstock Nation, and the people understand it is of vices of little to no consequence regarding worker performance or health, certainly with comparison to liquor or cigarettes, the only reason it is illegal is to give police power to search you.

Of Federally unjust laws the prohibition of pot is the big one.

So it is further true that the Financial Engineers of Wall Street have been taught to feed off the strong industries that are left of the US. They participated in the Looting of the USSR peoples assets when it was dissolved because of its corruption and foolishness and have turned to looting the businesses of the US involved in making crucial things. Timpkin Gears is that story.

Wall Street is not with us. Transaction taxes have rained down on the people of NC, and it is only fair that transaction taxes be levied on Wall Street financial activity. Nations that do not invest in the education of their people lose out in the contests for money.

It is the Kindergarden and Elementary School teachers who ought be paid the most. Children who are not given the skills they desperately need to master before they are thirteen are lost.

For reasons often mysterious, the Parliamentary System of Democracy is simply more robust than the Electoral System. Barbara Tuchman said so herself that it was time the US changed to that democratic arrangement, and historians are serious people.

But to end this, if we have a chance of altering both the system, Sanders admits and all know is wreckage, “You haven’t been in the Congress.” being the most telling line in that debate, to go to Capitol Hill with Cabinet members and Party leaders, on that day the mission of the Armed Forces must be made clear, in person, and the Secret Intelligence Organizations must also be put under the control of the people and given a clear mission, all made to know that corruption in all its forms will not be tolerated.