For Those Who Missed It

There was a lot of whatever might be considered good about the US that my father missed out on.

Lauds for being the Greatest Generation, the ones that fought in the Good War reached no general consciousness while he was alive. The rights of gays, if even also as some fashionable position didn’t happen for him.

He died before all that.

When Martin Luther King was murdered he feared for his life on the campus of A & T University in Greensboro where he was teaching. He said that he’d not been so frightened crawling through the bushes since his service in WWII. The National Guard had put machine gun crews on the roofs of the buildings.

I am listening the radio. It is nearly insane to hear that God has written that gay people are less in the sight of God. These fools have some great difficulty with any ethical position that they simply don’t like.

Like any other soldier’s son I asked my father if he ever killed anybody in WW II. “I shot at people, but didn’t stick around to see if I killed them.” He was a good shot.

I’m glad he got the opportunity to kill racist bigots, albeit German ones.

During the war the 761st Black Panthers with their two years of training instead of 3 months, and 155 mm tank destroyer cannons devastated the tanks of the Germans. Returning to the US after the war they returned to Jim Crow.

People get tired of real fighting and war. There are places to hide out, or were in the US. My father ended up in Florida. Old soldiers sort of seemed to find each other there, and were left alone.

I can’t go on with the train of thinking and make any sort of definitive statement here and now. I am tired.

Knowing the things I know I am just glad that the law has changed and become ethical in the sight of the gods, since those who claim God tells them something different, a moral position that is so obviously unethical, their God is dead.

Far as I am concerned States Rights is for little more than the denial of rights for minorities and dissenters. The US is no place for theocracies. Firmly held religious beliefs are no more than firmly held ignorant beliefs. So what if the hedonists want to have fun in this life?