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I was supposed to get a seat on the Orange County Airport Authority and continue to work about it. I had correspondence and did best I could over the phone. No direct actual phone conversation has happened. I ought pretend one for my youtube.

Finally I got an Email from the CFA Matt Fajack telling me they would mismanage the airport for at least 18 months and then he would share with me the master plan. Labor does not have the sort of time academic administrations do. The manner of the management of the airport, IGX is meant to make no case for it. The people of Orange County see no benefit and think there would only be nuisance from another.

The people ought have their own airport in the county. The money of wages lost to RDU matters from my point of view. 7 years have been lost to the Thorp Squash. I did undertake my campaign to keep or have make all class benefit from the airport, as is normal and what is called “best practices”.

It was a couple of years ago now apparently, it was decided that the airport would definitely be open for another 8 years. Expected out of mission loss in that time was to be 1.5 million which state taxpayers and students will pay. They will be asked to cover it because land use uses are to be optional for as much and as long as possible.

This as a plan regarding transportation infrastructure that affects the fortunes of others cut out of the academic benefits and its mission to inspire and inform and give student citizens thinking and working tools in an environment that aids that. What the old guys like Willian Shirer and Daniel Schoor called The Life of the Mind.

“Work is a spiritual struggle for the material necessities.”

I only think this way as labor on three different airports vetted 4 times for the one time I was the Key Grip in charge of safety vetted. I actually liked working on airports, but the stagnation of wages for labor as I was, and even pilots has been constant and staggering. I had transitioned to motion pictures and television out of NYC experience for the last vetting. Labor in that of NYC has taken a beating. NC is a place that ran me back to NYC after the pro labor article in Reel Carolina.

The mission of the University is to educate, and government is supposed to provide defense and education as first, but then the things of government that taxes pay for are what is now a word heard and heard again: Infrastructure.

Facilities is anther name in the University.

So I never got a phone call. I asked to the letter to see this plan before it was completed because the airport there we have can be made incompatible with the airport then, not compatible later.

It is my position same as was the Legislature that the airport be open till Orange county gets another. I am referring to the original Airport Authority the Legislature expected to deal with the problem they must have seen as something important.

I don’t know but that all I have to do is convince the University that their unique position as government for having control of a great deal of land and power to make or break many businesses as a result of that hegemonic power requires ethical consideration of what ought as infrastructure be shared with all classes.

It could and should pay for itself. It has been a good thing to have for the University and would continue to be so. The one that can go further faster wins, metaphorically and in reality. Every institution needs speed and reach. The value as the best place for planes of 12.500 pounds that one of these airports is leads to the economic multiplier effect.

All I gottah do is show the wisdom of this sort of goal in government facilities.