Apocalyptic Riot

It was a winter morning. Not to terrible bad. Some damp. The Sun was coming up. Still it was grey. All the homes of Elon were painted white, or covered in brick.

My bicycle was red. I had 103 papers in the steel chrome baskets on the back sides and in the front. A portion, the ones in the front were folded for throws to porches. Other flat papers were laid down or shoved under doors on the last part of the route.

I was standing up on the right pedal ready to power push down so to ride along the road on the other side of the tracks. Other side of the tracks where the Blacks lived, the tall pole with the bicycle wheel sans the tire was like the flag of the little ghetto he didn’t enter ever the whole time he lived there.

The above the line fold of the Greensboro Daily News was about the coming nuclear war. Goldwater was going to get them all killed. He knew that. Johnson had landed in a helicopter on the campus and he’d gotten his autograph. I got the autograph.

In my mind the question was “How can I prevent nuclear war?” To this day the question never leaves me. At the beginning of the summer I tried tweeting to the State Department. Kerry’s State Department. Still the Russians are the ones with nuclear weapons and threats to use them.

Ideally the resolution of the Cold War would have been Statehood for Russia. If Russia had become a state of the Union it would have gotten a tradition of contract law that enables capitalism. As it was capitalists rushed in first to loot the nation and make contracts with the friends of Yeltsin, after Gorbachov was retired? How did that go?

I’d stood to make $500.000.oo if a deal for an Ilyisun 29 had gone through. I didn’t know what to do, with bladder bags of vodka. The plane could go 8,000 miles with a heavy load. I’d found a potential buyer with a route from like London to Melborne Australia, or Sidney. It’s been 30 some years now.

Immediately the price was doubled and the buyer had to agree to taking the pilots in the deal. It was a case of the pilots this time trying to jump in on the action. The plane was in Kazakistan.

In price negotiations for cars and planes you do not typically start low and then raise the price, but the other way around. My cut was a finders fee. The FAA excludes for one reason or another many of the Russian planes. Boeing really doesn’t want competition. Airbus is bad enough.

If I had been acquainted with bottlers, maybe the vodka would have been the way to go. Sounded like it would taste some of rubber. They have these big frack trucks I think they are called that use big bladders that rest in truck tractor trailers typically used for water supplies for traveling armies. I think these had been filled with vodka. I should have gone with the vodka.

Then I was going to become a distributor. Soventure was the name of the company. My friend who made the introductions had said he didn’t know how they really made money. They distributed things that were in the public domain in Russia. There are people in this world who make a living selling things that are free.

I was going to NC film festivals looking for films to be distributed in Russia. I found a nice little independent called Drinking Games. They were offered a thousand dollars. This wasn’t enough to make a print. Films in Russia are free. They are ripped off copies from the major studios. In college I was a seat counter. I got to go to movies and count seats that were full. Around that time even the President of one of the Studios, I think it was 20th Century Fox went to Moscow to do that job himself.

Howard Coble was head of the committee that was charged with protecting intellectual property of US producers and distributors of movies and music. I got the feeling that it was fine with him and the rest of the Republicans if Hollywood didn’t get paid. The liberals of Hollywood were seen as the enemy. They made free propaganda of the American Way. Go ahead and let the Russians and the Chinese steal it all. The honest theaters and music producers could get their money from European Theaters and music stores. The Russians and Chinese were simply going to steal it all anyway.

Thanks a fuck lot there Howard.

Toronto, New York, North Carolina. Oh yeah North Carolina, third in movies in the US! I never went out to LA to live. I forgot to list Fort Lauderdale. New York wasn’t all New York City. I lived in Rochester, NY too. A lifetime is that: Time.

50 and I got married here in Chapel Hill. I was back to doing what I did when first out of school in NY, returning home to Mom’s house in Greensboro and sitting in the back yard making “Bicycle Disaster” an assemblage of wood from trees and old bicycles and drawing pictures with crayons. I was suffering from a broken heart. I was depressed. I was suicidal. I worked for a high school friend who had become a contractor in one of the building booms that crashed like they seem to do.

Trying to get the roof rafters together on the ridge, standing three stories up on the end of a diving board two by ten, I got so scared I didn’t want to die and became less suicidal.

There were a couple more jobs. The world kept changing. I didn’t dress right. Now it’s okay in IT world. At the TV station the guy said, “If I was going to hire anybody, I’d hire one of my friends.”

I’d always wanted to fly. I started going out to Atlantic Aero and spending the money. Some guys got killed on the clock on a joy ride, test flight of a Conquest. A bolt fell out of the elevator mechanism in the back empenage, tail of the plane so the elevator jammed and it, the plane went up and then down.

I was hanging around anyway, so I got hired. People are supposed to die, retire, get out of the way.

By 1978 I judged the US was so corrupted and corporatized that reform of it was impossible. I started to work on Transcend-O-Ray from the vision I wrote about in the latest book: Poor Buzz and Stories from Warnings for my Daughter.

I got a writing job, kinda, freelance on the Canadian Inspector Gadget Show. It was because of the Transcend-O-Ray newsletter I would make 30 copies of every month. I left the airport in Fort Lauderdale. James Boy said, “Can’t blame a guy for wanting to better himself.” There was a complication with one of his daughters. It was better if I left.

Fools Die, by Mario Puzo is the best book about the writing life I know. There are people that offer a deal, and then they change it. It’s not them, but the other guys, guys with the money. “Don’t pay him.” I left Canada.

“Transcend-O-Ray is a good name for a vision, but it doesn’t work so well for a country.”

Mark Sampson the photographer, me and Craig Hafner were getting stoned. Craig was in advertising. He said, “Well countries end in IA. The vision then became Transcendia, a nation of airports that moderates the world economies. Airports are culturally neutral. That helps in business, international business. A woman can try and do a deal at the airport.

The liberals believe that if you do business with people they will then have an interest in peace between the two of you. It is wrong. The more business you do with anybody, the more likely you are to go to war. There are lots of divorces. Think of divorce with children. It can get ugly.

You got to watch it and keep it under control. There is a balance to be achieved. Never believe in anything too much see. Port cities live forever. People do deals. There are illegal things. Smugglers have work. They want to go legit.

Now things are so that there is war all the time. There is always war. The spies are supposed to keep it hid. England and France were at each others throats for near like a thousand years. Maybe it was only 800. English women wanted French dresses anyway. Men had lumps of gold. The women got jewels and diamonds they stashed in their bosuns.

When it really got good the peasants were put to work in factories. Then they needed money too. They couldn’t grow up food or sheep so much. There were too many of them. Communism became a thing. There was going to be a workers paradise.

“If you can’t even imagine Utopia, you ought not call yourself a human being.”

In the business schools they teach financial engineering and teach not to pay. They teach the deal. You can find the labor. You got the money first. Don’t give it away. Labor is never satisfied. Fuck ’em. Go bankrupt, change the name of the company.

America! All it had till the very start of the 20th Century was a little Coast guard. Mahan wrote a book about sea power. America got some battleships and Spain lost Cuba and Puerto Rico. American Battleships went to the Philippines. To much product. Sell it in the international marketplace. You need battleships for that. The Filipinos are little people. Torture them to make them come around.

Right now the US is involved in economic warfare with Russia. I tweeted to the US UN Mission, the State Department, the President. They need to talk to Putin till that spy war revolving around the Ukraine, some issue with territory, a land route to the sea, is resolved.

In fact I went to all the trouble to write a letter about that and the Insurodollar on paper I sent to the President. I should have used Zhukov read seal, more impressive stationary. It’s been months. I know I wrote about the Insurodollar.

The letter I wrote Ban Ki Moon, there’s a copy in my book. I forget now all the details of the letter to the President.

Anyway, what about those rockets that keep exploding? Russia has the rockets for getting to the ISS. We were supposed to be allies in that area. The price is real high per seat. Gore got that going so the scientists wouldn’t freelance making bomb rockets for higher bidders.

Biden is supposed to be in charge of the US Space Program. He was right about Iraq. It ought be three countries he said. Maybe they will get around to the Kurds, give the Kurds the tanks. Tanks run over infantry. Victory looks like tanks with your flags on them.

Poland has its tanks at the border. Russia is flying invisible bombers around Europe. The US sent more tanks over starting last February. Warthogs, like you know, the tank busters, ground support planes that actually work. Hybrid war jams all the radios of the planes and the tanks. Russia has tried that out. It works. Drones wander around and fall out of the sky. Putin went to Syria and a drone fell out of the sky.

You’re a civilian? I’m a civilian. We get killed, and there isn’t much the new foreign markets do for us then. Instead of Carter’s neutron bomb, that nobody liked, it kills tank crews, they stopped talking about it. They figured a way to set the thermonuclear bombs. They call it dialing. They dial them down. They would work on the airbases and the tanks. Either Russians or the US might try it out.

Summer is the season of love and war. Try a tweet. Say the President and President need to talk on the phone till there is an end to the economic warfare. Send Elon Musk over there to the airport where Snowden hid out. Snowden told us about the TPP. God almighty. Do our Presidents really really have to sell us out?

Back when it was Goldwater, we might could have won, sort of. This get out of hand and we’re fucked. It would be an apocalyptic riot. No big problem for China. If the US doesn’t put men in the grid, it can mysteriously just break down all over. Electricity distributed like that has to be balanced.