How to Get & Be Stoned on Pot or Hashish

Safety First.


It is in my experience little one hitters portable in the little wooden carry with the hole and the place for a little bit of pot are best.  The whole thing is about getting as high as you want to be for the situation, so smoking allows you to regulate your high.  Like drinking weak beer all evening.  Sitting and toking.

I am solitary now, but I remember getting high with others and spending a lot of time while they figured out the stereo, or and we played it and what was key that people were after was realistic crystal clear powerful Quad Systems playing Canadian Country.  Country has always been recorded very very seriously out of Nashville you are for certain going to get that.

There is some hiss on Beatniks & Spiders if I play it through the TEAC.  I think it was from the speakers so it is there.  I figured out a way to fix it, but can’t get the help I need.  I got some help, but then it, they got busy or decided they didn’t like me that much.  Making the thing was hard.   Harder than I thought it would be.

I show you on Transcendian what the record sounds like on that particular machine.  Streaming and off my computer and as test played in the car before the choice of working that one onto a CD was done.  I showed the Documentary of that in the Movie Quest & definitely on Intendor Tm Radio Show.

But back to getting high.  Edibles or pills or mushrooms you eat will fuck you up.  You will get really really high.  Having music on, or making music, out at the park with music, pool, beach party, yeah.  Together with music real high and it is making memories in fun together.  You get to dance and flirt with a girl who is available to be flirted with.

I don’t do that anymore.  Hardly ever.  All I do is hang around the house and make a guitar thing or a show or write, and have the last of the paperback version of The Revolutionary right in my face hung on wire, right there.   I don’t want to do it.  I’ve done it.

I just heard a jet go into IGX.  Nice thing about a corporate jet is they are not too loud at all and then since faster, the noise is more short lived.  It is daytime.  Meetings for the big wigs of the University fly in.  They got to games and give money from that airport the rural people hate.  All the working people hate the University I hear.  Rural people.  Rural people, you’d thing they hate everybody.  The Furniture people of High Point, Christian People, don’t want no show business non Christian people around.  Godless Commies from show business want to use our sets in the Show Rooms.  We don’t want those sorts Hollywood types, fornicators and drug users around.

Wilmington and the rents are LA downtown 200 off maybe from LA.  Rent the hotel rooms and it is otherwise old money C.S.A. Port prices can be high, depending.  I had some offensive neighbors and then okay neighbors. I don’t see anybody from that time.  Tweet people old friends that tweet are interesting.  I liked the tweets with found easy Mark Kemp who wrote Dixie Lullaby.   He has long been a music critic.  I meet some people in NY because he was my roommate and we hung out.  There for awhile.  Then the City and women and investigations happened.

My life in the City, last apartment of my own was on Madison Ave.  55, between 27th & 28, across the street from the Metropolitan Life Building and round the corner from La Trapeze the Sex Club, and on the other side where Tesla lived.

Lived on Stone Street last with my friend from way back to Tin Star Void.  It was his place.  He had African Art like a thing I gave my father because he taught at A&T because the Black University would hire him even though he was known as gay.  He was Bi, for certain.  Spent as much time with women sexually as he did with men.  He was a brave and honorable guy with a unique courage and even tried for the family conversion therapy but mom wouldn’t have it then, though then, well humor was missing.

I could see that. He seemed humorless there for a good while.  PTSD? What is the D for.  He was a playwright and Speech and Drama teacher.  We had a Lark.  Studibaker Lark then.  And We Had A Garage and a Garden.  It all looks like hell now, Out Corner.  There is an apartment building where I garden was.  They cut down the two maple trees in the front facing the rail road tracks, and worse, paved the driveway ugly.   University got beautiful and bigger and the town had the life sucked out of it.

My Dad was in combat and it got to him.  I and my mother got hit.   She made him sell the Mauser pistol I wanted and played with out of the closet.  They had taught me how to shoot in the Boy Scouts.  He went to the mental hospital and wrote me letters with young boy pencil.  He typed normally.  He had a Masters from Cornell.  GI Bill, then NYC with mom and then me.  I changed everything.  I’ve got pictures.  They loved me.

Wednesdays on 27th where apparently for all the Diplomats from the UN.   Black cars with diplomatic plates and Drivers sitting in them smoking.  I’m a writer and a driver so I know smoking and Drivers, of which these were and are a particular type.  The 11 months driving for Town Taxi & Checker in Rochester, saved me in the City for what and in what I did there.   Small town got me pretty good through Chicago and Toronto, but it was driving the cab in Rochester that got me so I could recognize neighborhoods and knew how to use a Street Directory.  Maps are useless when you want to go fast.  North South East & West and the streets that run up and down or over and back, they got names that they cross at and numbers and later I found if you couldn’t find it it was in a Trailer Park.

I Certify for being Commercial, or Private Pilots Pot Use 24 hours Joint to Joystick, but that is only for smoking, getting it the inhalation way.

36 Hours, Three Days from Eating Hashish, to Flying.

I did the flying experiment on myself with my Flight Instructor.  I think it was the one where he pulled the throttle on me.  You will get lost.  I put the throttle back because I was not going to declare on the FLL radio an emergency and turn to a tailwind.  He agreed, though I just looked at him.

When Driving Stoned, you must not be actually of any care whether you are getting somewhere or not or going a strange place.  You will get lost.

If you get too high, which you will on good pot, you will come to your level either talking slow to a pretty girl, or talking to somebody, or playing music, or in music, or and candles if really really on LSD or like that where you had better be in pretty and safe places only for it because it is the breakdown of conscious to subconscious drug.  You will be really reactive, which is very dangerous mentally to be hair trigger reactive, one big brain, not the one with walls.

I stopped that stuff.  It sat up and said you don’t need me anymore.  There are no LSD addicts.  Doesn’t work like that.  Psylocibin hah, fooled spellcheck the spy.  That is a great high.

My buddy when we were high as hell on Younge in the black out when he was wrapped up like a mummy in toilet paper.  I asked him what the greatest thing he had ever seen was,  “That man can forget.”

I’d already got it that we lived in the Police State.   That is what came from tripping alone.  I got Economics to teach you all now.

The regular guy has to live always with fear of the cops.  They either had an extra two beers since 2.5 beers and in an hour you are over the limit it is so low now.  My Commercial license was good for .04, and I blew that once arrested for a wrong turn in the rain with a rifle on the rack behind me.  Almanace County is  Alamance County.  In Mebane at the barber pistols hanging out of vests and back pockets had pieces and Quakers or Rednecks and the Paradise Lounge where I went to see naked women when I wasn’t getting along with my then temporary wife.

Watching naked women dance is a real stress reliever for me.

Her kid, her son, I did alright father figure with him.  He hated and feared me.  Was the final straw on that not marrying that she kept telling him he was this great kid when he was a mammas boy and selfish and rude then rude with his friend at the beach to my daughter who was sweet that trip to the beach.  My sister and the temp wife didn’t get along.

Scene.  Some better times on the deck looking out to the ocean, and fish.  Great rents.  Beach rents.  Beach visits.  Man.  Fun.

I told her if she really wanted to get rid of me to stop feeding me as she had since she was a great cook and food keeps me around.  Like a wolf.  I guess I was a wolf.  What am I now?  A Irish Setter that is old?  I would be like Orr, my gentleman dog with the bad leg got run over by a Vega.

There is fun in the Calvinist existence too.  I myself have become so much more introverted.  When I go out to the Music Loft, it is great for a bit.  I look at stringed instruments.  I record all the time, on the cassette machine.  I got the digital things.  I may have a back up on the digital for the Beatniks and Spiders.  I was thinking of recording off the Proof Machine, but on the computer I never heard hiss so I think the streaming may cut it down.  If I was DJing I could make it sound right going out over the air.  I feel bad, never got a sale.  All that work.  It is worth 10 dollars for the covers.

I hear about Colorado.  I’d love to have a plane to fly product back and forth between Colardo and Washington with hashish to the illegal market in NYC & Chicago.  Here in NC, Not Conscious I see nothing of the cigarette makers putting out joint packs in either of these states.  VAP machines were made for that sort of smoking I guess.

There is a paranoid element to pot.  I think guys pass through it easier than women, though my girl in NYC, & the first 3 to the one, and then the other some and I was telling my buddy that all the women might as well have been one on a different day.

What even then for the Beatles “I loved them all.”  There are Days we remember.  ”

My book Poor Buzz and Stories from Warnings for my Daughter is a good book.  You ought read it I tell yah.  Even for the 30s and around it will provide some “Institutional Memory” of what it is we old hippies been there done that know about Sanders as was our Carter.

Watch out for the Mind Control.  We get to see Mind Control work on them too you know.  The Bankers Elites snuck in on Carter too, and Obama, seems big time.

Sanders is right about the financing.  No wonder people are still voting for the guy.  Blacks got to be honest about the fact they are prejudiced too.  They got prejudices just like White people.  We all hate each other a little.  Fuck it, who cares!  They give us a war and we’re all together and they get a War Bonus.

It’s Finance Banking against Industrial Service Banking that is the real fight.

I have the back of the Post Office, in the form of the Post Office Service Bank.  I?  I am not enough.  Here is the Reading List:  David Cay Johnston, Matt Taibbi, Naked Capitalism, Pikkety, The History of Economic Thought, Ed Baptist, The Half Has Never Been Told, Jared Diamond, Collapse, Chris Hedges Tv Shows, Days of Revolt.  The Intendor Tm Radio Show is mine.  I spend a lot of time alone, getting ready to be in the show, or put on the show in September, my only booking.

There is the top guy, Michael Hudson who from I got “It”.  It is Finance Banks as opposed to Industrial Service Banks.  That is the fight to fight about and for.  I had to come up with a way to have a Revolution, for real, without a fucking war that shuts it all down.  I need the hospital system to work for me or I die.

If it all goes to hell the smugglers won’t hardly even get here.  I’ll have to get to NYC.  Or Somewhere.  If you are a Private Pilot that wants to get into Transcendia on the real nascent for the big push with Currency of Fame, doing cross country flying for fun.  I need to get to Roanoke Va and back to Carrboro often.  Out of IGX to What they got would be good and fun and I promise good people and good times.  Ed and his gallery and family, the family they got the name in my will you know.  Transcendia is bequeathed to them in my will.  Olivia is supposed to get a part of the name, but with them to share.  There were the Williams boys, but Robert is pissed I didn’t like the brown purple on his poster with curlicues and shit.  I made an Insurodollar poster in a style, out a stylebook once.

Get over it.

Remember I was the one making it in NYC & did the launch speech like was done with movie stars and people.  Flag showings.  Rocket Launches.  Was doing all that before the rich guys like Bezos especially because his rockets are the smallest.  His might do for building a Space Elevator.

Mine were for messages.  The Message Rocket Program