NC State Hog Waste Renewable Gas

I’m going to look in my files for the photo of Winnie. Winnie was a pig, not a hog. We ate her. I didn’t know the other pigs we ate.

NC State has created a way to capture and make usable “natural gas”, from all the hogs in North Carolina. I believe North Carolina has hogs in numbers second to none.

There is an entire 40 or so miles where you really know it in the summer or even spring and fall if you ride from Wilmington to Cary on your motorcycle.

I’ll get the numbers soon for how much hog waste gas NC could start generating forever from the hogs and their technology tomorrow.

It will rival or surpass in a year what might be expected from the Petro Industry. The Petro Industry is committed to their rigs and the crews that know nothing else to do. In lieu of the portrait of Winnie I put up the poster about how I hate the oil companies being in charge.

Of course they ought pay a good price for gas they can get close to where it is to be used. It is their business to distribute gas and oil and natural gas. Long ago in Franklin’s time it was called swamp gas. People used to think it was the souls of unbaptized babies, or fairies.

But what with the Court either doing right or putting on a show, it is the last time that North Carolina has a hope of saving its water in the aquifers. Fracking is not safe, and it is understood that it can’t be made so, no matter how many times the commercial is played to convince you otherwise.

Even if the concrete seal, cement seal, holds, the pressure of the chemical water will break the seal that is the rock above the oil and natural gas. It is a leak like from a tin roof that travels some crazy pattern.

I called the NC State Chancellors office and begged him to get on TV and Radio and youtube and tell North Carolina that they do not want to destroy the water. To destroy your lands you pollute the water and cut down all the trees.

Hog waste generated natural gas would be perfect far as natural gas is concerned. It is renewable, and gives permanent employment to North Carolinians and would be a permanent addition to the finances of the state.

Fracking is bad, hogs are good.

Oil in Control RSD poster

Oil in Control Poster for Democrats and North Carolinians.