Immigration to Haiti

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Buy and use a passport from me.

It didn’t feel this bad all the time. Earlier there were times when I didn’t feel like I had to be all that politically involved all the time. Now you can’t turn around without getting the distinct feeling you need to be doing something defensive.
You worked and were supposed to get things for working that came from money that came out of your paycheck.
My mother recently died. My father has been dead for a good while, but they, both had a little feeling of security about what was going to happen in the future when they got old and sick.
I think my mother got every single thing the New Deal aimed to give being born in 1928. She did lots of Church Lady volunteering for her friends and one friend in particular who she kept alive like my wife has worked to keep me alive for the past 4 years.
But I don’t feel very secure, or that anything I do, or did, was enough. I did pay attention back in the early ’90s and tried all the time from then on to work on the books, since I had been self employed, and freelance, and not being a trained accountant or an attorney, and being set back and beaten by bigger companies, or those already in the union with a better local affiliation, knew that you don’t get anything if your business fails.
I know what undercapitalization means. It is a bill of goods you are being sold being told to go out there and be an entrepreneur if you don’t get paid enough to pay for your own very expensive insurance. After the years of inflation got things like how the powers wanted you had about better be making 50 bucks an hour no matter what you do, and so the starting wage is now 15 in Seattle for a reason.
We grew up with the expectation of a nice day and some weeks that were filled with habits like “the corner bar”, and a pack of cigarettes. Forget that. That is over unless you are rich. Socialization with real people isn’t good for the societal setup at hand. Stay home in your cubicle, and watch some TV, before getting back to work at the shoe store, or bending sheet at the HVAC installer steel building in the industrial park.
Who knows, maybe you ought to take whatever they are offering in India. Nationalism is a bill of goods too.
What set this off was the request that I sign another petition. This petition was to keep me from being taxed for using the internet. I thought I was paying in my phone bill for access to the internet, (and access to some TV signal.) What am I misunderstanding here? I mean I actually wouldn’t mind if AT&T Uverse, the provider we have, paid some taxes, and it makes sense that a store charges some sales taxes, but what is the idea coming full sail over the horizon about some other tax?
We know now that all the government bureaucrats need their healthcare set ups, and they need professional level paychecks no matter what we make who are supposed to pay so they live well.
You know what I mean. The situation is now set up as it has been so that if you don’t work for the campus conglomerate companies, or the government, your company will not pay because they say they can’t compete.
When I was independent non union in NYC they wanted all of everything that the biggest and best gave at a price that eliminated my abilities to pay accountants, attorneys, and buy new equipment.
That’s how I learned about undercapitalization. I learned all you need to know as a neophyte in NYC at business. Why go to a business school when you can just run a business in NYC for a few years and go out of business, which will put you straight about how much it is all stacked against small business.
The mobsters set the minimums up with the unions, and then the government feeds off you.
So do all the math and hire an accountant and every time you charge anybody anything, if they don’t like it say that your accountant and your attorney told you you had to charge what you charge and go to town hall and complain about anybody that charges less till you get the regulations changed and put anybody that competes really, out of business.

I might get it all over with and emigrate to Haiti.
Haiti and the island where it is is being wrecked and I personally see Haiti as the future since Haiti exists in the shadow of the US and France and even Cuba, and all of South America, so if Haiti even exists as one magnificently fucked up place, it proves this is what humanity is really about and how things really are.