Solidifying Summer of Class War Marching Strategies

Assembling at the Washington DC Airports Parking lots initially appears to me as a good plan.

Pre March Communication Directors would meet on the 13th at scouted parking lots for Hyde Field Executive Airpark, Potomic Airfield, Freeway Airport, Washington Dulles International, Ronald Reagan National Airport, & Baltimore Washing International,

I imagine calling for the Class War March Communications Directors to meet in the airport parking lots at 1:30 PM on the 14th.  First order of business is to establish communications with all Communications Directors at the airports listed in the previous paragraph.

This is my Party, This is Transcendia, a party in my mind as well as a model nation of airports and my ambition is for Transcendia to have established its own Transcendia Passport offices.  My people are the Aviation Ground Services people who work for the FBOs of our national and international airports.  Permanent Party Officers are to be found.

My Marchers are going to move in groups towards DC temporary and permanent destinations.  The majority of Class War Marchers will return to their homes after the Class War Marchers Educational Events & speeches while a core will be left to work permanently as representatives of the Transcendia Party in DC.

Our Cause for America is Education Spending this Summer.  Our work will be to generate a national plan for a National Education System and the money to have come out of our US Treasury for it.  We will generate a complete National Education Bill to give to all Representatives expected to continue in office or working to be elected to office.

We will have primary destinations & secondary destinations.  I want us to end up on the 17th at the US Treasury Building, or so close that it is the camera background.  What we want to do is present to ourselves and our representatives plans for our money.

Again it has become obvious that too many Americans are badly educated, a root reason for the decay of our democracy, the nation as a whole, so it is this that will be our cause as Transcendians or whatever those working with us want to call themselves.

As the Transcendian Founder & Leader I need to raise money to be in DC for the period spanning the 13th of July through to the 17th of July.

If you want to assure that buy my books at or look for my CDs that appear all over the place on Amazon. for my most accessible of works, the CD “I Phone Lifestyle”.

P.S.  I repeat I want to end up with party offices at DC airports. The way it is working out Transcendia is to have a Party that is domestic & national & Internationally the same in all nations possible.  I’ll be making calls to FBOs and giving the numbers on what that would take financially, and how much has to be raised to do such a thing.