Bad Cat as North Korea

We have had bad cats. Nero was really bad and it was nicer in the world for us and our other cats when he got run over. Bernard finally died a few months back and I was glad enough about it, Bernard destroyed art work of mine. He would piss on it. In the end he was like Alzheimers cat. Eventually he forgot to eat and had a dramatic seizure and died. the house is more our home since he died since we don’t have to place everything mindfully aware of what he might get it into his head to destroy.
North Korea, or the leaders of North Korea are like bad cats. We might not be able to wait for them to die since one of the in charge just died.
What a bunch of shit!
Chinese New Years and the US State of the Union, and the North Koreans blow up a nuclear bomb. Everybody knows North Korea is just bad.