I’m rewriting for paperback the book The Revolutionary, which was originally Homeless Dog.  I am at a sex scene.  It is about really love and sex, and passion.  It is hard to write this stuff for me.  You will never be good at sex with everyone.  Some people don’t fit.  Some people don’t really even turn you on.

“What’s the most attractive thing about a woman?”


What you really want is the shameless and unrepentant.  Selfishness helps.  Of course you will never measure up very well no matter how great you are with the great fucks.  Better to just see it for what it is and take it for what it is and be sure and use birth control.

Anyway that’s the way I feel about it now, looking back on it all.  I told my daughter that just because you think you are someone’s soul mate, doesn’t mean they feel the same way about you.

Commitment, well you are either committed or you aren’t.

There are women who come from different worlds.  They have different expectations depending on what part of the country they grew up in.  Out midwest they seem to have a better sense of what the game is about.  Out there in the midwest they seem to have some sense of the partnership it is about.

Everybody needs somebody.

I really really loved a woman when I was in my early twenties.  I really really wanted to make her feel good.

She felt good.  I went down on her a lot.  I wanted to get her hot and stick it in her.   I somehow had caught up with the fact that a woman’s clit is really sensitive and when they use words like eat her out and stuff like that, it isn’t quite descriptive of what you really want to be doing.  You want to play with her clit with your tongue, flicking at it, like, see.

Ask her what she wants.  That might help you, you dumbass.

Finally after about a year and a half I gave her a snapper.  I mean I liked doing it with her a lot.

Have you ever heard of “The Snapper.” Not a lot of women have a snapper.  How you do that is this:  The best way I found was she fingers herself while you are in her from behind.  She has to help herself along see.  You are lucky if you have a reasonable sized unit, cock.

Some people get small stuff to work with.  Some women never come to orgasm no matter what you do.  They still like doing it.  I knew one woman who loved doing it and was inspiring, pheromones or something. She never orgasmed.

That other one, I’d eat her and then roll her over, and then get going with a good rhythm while she fingered herself and then she would come and I could feel rigidity and what, juiciness in there and she would cum hard and it would grasp tight around my cock and keep snapping at multiple organisms.

I’m pretty proud of that.  I’m sure others later on really enjoyed her.

What is Fair?


Seems like a great number of people, citizens of the United States seem to have a great deal of difficulty understanding what is fair and what isn’t.

It simply isn’t fair to people who are predominately interested in their same sex sexually. Sex and the passions of love are not innocent. You are becoming an adult when there arises out of nowhere, desire, lust. I heard the man Ed, Ed was his name, when we were going to church and were contemplating teaching Sunday School. I heard him say that it was about these kids encountering adult problems for the first time, and sometimes it gets ugly.

Democracy is about both mob rule, majority rule, and the protection of the minorities. You yourself are as much a minority as any, whether you know it or not.

This desire for a fair and ethical life arises among all peoples in all forms of government. Majorities kill the minorities to keep them from achieving a fair society. What the programing is in the schools controlled by the locals is a wiping from the innocents that innate sense of fair play and sequestering it for only the privileged in the majority.

For long periods the minority will buy the self imagine as unworthy and try to become like the majority. They fail. We all fail to perfectly conform.

I told my daughter that she had a right to her secrets. In fact you cannot pass through the ordeal of becoming an adult without generating secrets. This is why a right to privacy is important. You need to be able to forget your secrets.

However the fact of the matter is that some secrets are not worth the effort it takes to keep a secret, and forget it either as something to just forget, or just forget about as anything to be bothered over. It is not fair to prevent people from being themselves when the issue for us is to become people of character.

It is not a character flaw to be gay anymore than it is a character flaw to be straight, predominately. In fact we are all bi and exist on a scale from one to ten at either end of that scale.

A girl told me that. She identified at the gay end of the scale.

Now in fact we all need someone. Why and wherefore is not anything I need to explain. Life is tough. We all need someone to share our secrets and meals with. It is not fair that any of us ought be prevented from making adult commitments that grow from our growth in character and singularity.

Commitment gives meaning to life. Commitment must be allowed for the minorities or you are a mob of the majority, and not being fair.

There are many enough citizens of the US that are committed to unfair and flawed ideals. It is too bad. Those who believe in fairness must take these people at their face value, and simply defeat them, or and defeat their flawed ideals within their mind by reminding them of their innocence as children when love between them and their playmates is neither gay, or straight.

I can’t personally think of all the levers, though sometimes they end up in the Supreme Court.

There are hypocritical demagogues now speaking to audiences as they run for offices with great power in the US saying that the flawed past judgements of the Supreme Court justify the elimination of the Supreme Court so that the mob, majority can deny equal rights under the law to commit to each other a public statement of their commitment.

It is a fair decision. These mobs that the demagogues pander to, and even lead, have been typically defeated because they do their damage to whomever is nearby, suffer for the interior knowledge that they are wrong, and run out of steam.

Like criminals who will lie to the very last degree and confrontation with the truth. They must be confronted in public with the truth by the big dog. Letting it pass and withdrawing and looking for a place where they just aren’t able to get to you, and hurt you, has been going and is pretty much gone.

This is why these things are ending up in the court to be decided for all of the citizens.

There is a very little bit of time for individuals with all their honor to make decisions that will not be at all reversible. I do not recommend going off to find yourself. Find yourself quick at the moments of confusion and then be free to do the work that is your destiny.

It is good for the nation to relieve a burden that will complicate things for the individual, like anti you laws that the mob wants applied to you due to the commitments made to bad ideals.

Fair laws are what we want. Everybody benefits from fair laws because everyone is a minority. The people who burst from the church screaming they have the moral high ground do not have the ethical right they claim. They are afraid that what they have been told isn’t right. They learn these things from a man who is invested in their childishness, that desire to please the master that he becomes as standing on the alter, and wearing a big hat.

Life is simple. What is fair is fair, and what isn’t isn’t moral or ethical. Ethics are alway moral, but moral isn’t always ethical.

This is what I think these people need to hear over the radio…