For 50 Governors

Governors had better wise up and fight for the access to the money their states pay into the Treasury, and then even when that doesn’t appear to balance understand how the power of the US Treasury is being denied to those who are the stakeholders in the fortunes of the nation.

The plan of the Trump Administration is to allow Minuchin & his friends to screw states as Greece has been screwed.  Great evidence of the plan is within the new Tax Bill, whatever the hell it is called, as regards the past and future treatment of Puerto Rico.

Finance wants to divide & in debt to them the States, and then take what the States have same as was done to Greece and is to be done to Puerto Rico, where they have given them bad loans impossible to ever be repaid and then refused to write these debts down.

To operate capitalism has to write down or write off debts that cannot be paid.  If bad loans are not ever written down you end up with discontent & then violence.  I’m to the point where I will recommend Nationalization of industries like the railroads even while I know what Bolshevism can act like.

The Bank of North Dakota is smart, it is a smart thing for the state of North Dakota and represents to me a Flanking move in the Domestic Econ War.

The quote from Minuchin was that the States had to get used to doing without help from the US Treasury.  This is an outrageous statement worthy of fury as a response.

What this means is that States will be pushed into debt to Finance not because it is right, or necessary, but because Finance simply wants that to be the way they can take valuable assets & charge forever rent on them believing in themselves as the smartest guys ever.

Governors need to stand up of their people and tell Finance they understand exactly what the plan to screw them is.  I’m saying that the Governors themselves are going to be screwed because if they don’t demand the Treasury give them the money it is they who will go down in history as stupid failures.

This is an administration that is run by opportunists & incompetents on purpose in bad faith.  It is in no way at all a legitimate US government with only one purpose, and that purpose is to enrich further, give more power, to very few people.

It doesn’t even matter to this administrate if the few are even Americans or not.  Buy a membership to MarOLagO, and Trump will help you screw everybody in the world.