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Twelve O'Clock High/Maximum Effort

Maximum Effort frame from watercolor story.

University education is a luxury in the liberal arts. The reason for it now is gone. You may as well do what I did and go to a community college and learn to use some tools.

Of course the experimental college I went to in Toronto is collapsed from corruption. You can buy a book about it. The book alludes to the corruption, whereas I was driven out of the country worried for my life when there towards the end. Lucky that I could go with a high number in the lottery of ’71, the year I graduated.

The opening chapter of Poor Buzz & Stories from Warnings for my Daughter is about the most significant events far as my view.
There is where I learned more concretely in adulthood about the difference between real enemies and luxury enemies.

So you can’t go there.

There are still some experimental colleges around.

Of course I could be making excuses. I’d got up with the girl who was in at UNCG and as being from NY was paying more than her family could really afford, so we then drove to Binghamton NY in the cracked transmission Pontiac Star Chief we poured fluid in on the drive from inside while it was moving. The girl who I once said was so pretty she thought no one would ever do anything bad to her whether she was there or not, parked the Star Chief in a no parking zone. For such an old car to have been towed was too much for it and cracked the rust that was holding it together.

I still miss that car.

It was the Educational Opportunity Grant that paid for my Community College pursuit of an Associates in Audio Visual Technology.

My electives in Sociology and History and Microbiology were wonderful. Ms. Osborne came in all frazzled on morning obviously a glow from sex. Maybe she taught Creative Writing. Or it had to have been one of them. My grades went progressively up for required papers. I didn’t change. I asked her why my grades went up and she said she just got used to the way I wrote.

In my main courses there were some sad cases really. Rochester Institute of Technology was just down the road. They hadn’t been hired there. Jerry LaMarsh taught Filmmaking and when I turned in an animation that had taken me many hours of 3 frames at a time bursts with a camera not made for single frame, I never got it back. He said he lost it.

Over the years I’ve gotten less forgiving of that loss since losing all the drawings myself. Never think you get another chance to make a print, or any work of art. You make it and you ought go on anyway. Whatever Jerry LaMarsh did with my movie, lost it or threw it away, I despise him for it. It helps me to understand those of the Audio Visual Department who were there to teach me the tools I’d need to survive, to make a living.

I’d worked in a camera store and worked in one while going to college there. The owner of the store was going to have me teach. I wrote up a whole syllabus. My girl ran off with the bosses son we’d had a menage a trios with. I nearly committed suicide.

Mean time I never finished my History paper, because I was hesitant to make a decision as to whether it was the great man that made history, or history that made the great man. I didn’t know enough to make a discussion. I had trouble believing in the Great man.

I wanted to believe in the people, democracy. It is twisted up. Do the people prevent the great men from leading when they become too ignorant, and the great man can do without the trouble.

Overall because Presidents become Presidents in the US because they win votes the effects of the Presidents for ill and for good, become clear indicators that make the Great Man theory of history more true, than untrue. Corrupt lazy or stupid Presidents and bad things happen to the nation as a whole. Strong smart and ethical, and good things happen.

The presidents have that much influence. We have the New Deal, or what is left of it because Roosevelt knew what to say, how to present it and how to present himself to make it happen.

Far as the best education, well, it is your mind. Ben Franklin made sure you could get the best books to read if you wanted to read them.

I’ll get back to some of this thread, wrap up what Hitler did to the artist as leader, and talk about who ought teach at a Liberal Arts College of today, and who ought not, and why.