Party Versus Party

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Mondale & Red Wife

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So I went up to the music store to get my stuff, the Intendors, prototypes for the kits I am thinking of making, though I just like making the things.

For my little cockpit, where I have all these wires going this way and that and towards the mixer, I needed a little rug matt and I needed some cheap batteries in particular for the carbon rod that is in there.  I’m trying to make a primitive telephone.  It is harder than it looks.  It is harder than you think to make the carbon condense and convey a signal.  Magnets, it’s all about magnets.  Carbon magnets and DC electricity.  God the wires for the telephones are like infinitesimal.  Hard to put them together.   I’m thinking about using a telephone, regular telephone mic for a pick up to make a guitar.

German magnets, the regular German magnet iron was better than American magnet iron.  Where do they find this stuff?  I’ve dug holes for footers and foundations.  I was looking for gold.  I never found nothing.  My back went to hell.  My back went to hell a couple few times.  I’d see the chiropractor.  Chiropractor could have saved me a great deal of pain and suffering if she had told me to see the orthopedic surgeon.  “Little arthritis there.”  Wasn’t long I was under the knife.  I got a bridge in my neck to keep me from being paralyzed.

There was a doctor put me on Embril, that shit you see on TV.  I don’t know but I got MERSA.  No kidding it lowers your immune system.  I had lots of infections all the time.  Somewhere along the line, I got hospital psychosis.  Mean dirty trip of nasty hallucinations. Hospital Psychosis.

Twice I was so bad I was in the nursing home.  All the social services, disability, charity care, Social Security, all that came from the rich sick guy, Roosevelt.  The New Deal.  Republicans want to tear it all apart.  That’s their goal.  I can’t see how a working man can be a Republican?   It doesn’t make any sense.  As all weak and confused and subject to corruption same as the rest, its a different goal in the end.  Now its save the post office and save SS and now working people are supposed to work more for people laugh up their sleeves when working people vote for Republicans.

So I decide to take a picture of where you are actually supposed to go in Carrboro to get a picture ID.  Republicans don’t want you to vote.  Republicans don’t trust you to not steal votes commit voter fraud.  They know how to steal the election.  Working people are honest.  Working people hardly ever get in a position even to commit fraud.  Republicans are afraid the Black people with vote.  Black people voted for Obama.

Working people are Black, and they are White.  Slavery was about trades of workers who were slave labor.  Labor.  If you are labor, and haven’t joined a union, even a weak union, there is something wrong with your head.  You have to get good at what you do to even be wanted for the Union!   Oh it’s paying for a job.  Now the universities and colleges get a lot of benefits from the end of meritocracy.  Certified welder.  You’ll never be out of work if you are a good welder.  What’s certification cost.  Metal breaks.  It’s dangerous if the gondola falls out of the Ferris wheel.  Everything costs to get you in a good job.  Smart kids been told never think about working hard, outside, get a degree.

Pilots, they used to be Captains, with respect.  Now they make them like bus drivers.  Not that driving a bus, being a bus driver isn’t honorable.  I was a great driver.  I could have driven a bus.  Your on the ground.  People always watching you.  Guys putting in the gas pumps can’t come over and talk a minute.  They’re all on camera.  I never minded it much at the airport.  In the Guiding Light studios though, they had us do things for show, and watched us.  Talked about us.  Don’t have to stand there in front of you and say what they get to say.

Surveillance.  You get a job you’re not under surveillance and wow, nobody after your piss?  Wow.  All for pot.  The whole fucking country fucked for illegal pot.  Hoover fixed it that way.  Vote Republican?  Chris Christe wants more drug war.  Joe Biden the same.  No wonder I thought the nation was bust.  Family.  I could have stayed in Canada.  Socialized medicine and single payer and you could survive maybe without family.  Who can survive without family in the US?  My wife saved my life at least twice.  Pulled me out of that nursing home.  Prison food.  I lost 35 pounds.  I go back there and I’ll kill myself.

You’ll be surprised.  Anything can happen.  Lucky, you’ll get old.  It will cost to keep you alive. If you had nobody, what would the Republican world do for you?  Everybody needs a gun.  You can shoot squirrels.  Start early, get used to the taste.  Squirrels.

The girl is screaming at me almost.  I’m a Democrat.  She wants her brother to come and do something to me.  “My brother’s a cop.  You can’t shoot me with the camera, show it without my permission.”   Actually if you are out in public and get shot on camera, it is like you had no expectation of privacy.  It’s legal far as I know, still picture, or moving.  Your talking in the parking lot.  You’re telling me Obama is the worst.  Say Obamacare is stupid.   Hell, really it isn’t enough what he got to do.

Bipartisanship.  Forget it.  Bipartisanship is about giving the Republicans everything they want.  Hagan was for the Keystone Pipeline. That’s when the trouble started.  I had to write my own name in.  I couldn’t vote for either one of them….

I want the votes of the working classes, not because it necessarily will make all the difference, but because they are of my class.  I became working class.  Well I WAS WORKING CLASS ALL ALONG.  Intelligentsia!  I was that!  No company.  By myself.  My wife is better educated.  I’m more experienced.  Read all the same books.  One of the reasons I married her.  Just to forty, see the Reading List.  Republicans like Larry McMurtry.   Well he has one thing to say.  “Help your friends.”  That’s his message out of all of it.  Republicans must like the Indian killing.  Savages.  Stone age people.  Apache.  Kill you.  Wasn’t it Apaches were the worst about that?

Wasn’t one of the a hermaphrodite?  Who are your friends.  I’d rather not have any than have the wrong sort.  Working class.  Writers are working class you know.  They have to work.   “We need somebody to fill these columns.”   Say the right thing.   There is news.

I can wait to make my decision.  I want to be drafted?  Who you want to pay 370 thousand dollars a year for life, me or quiet Burr?  Think about it.  My goals are to prevent the apocalyptic riot, more war.  The Petrodollar imperative means war, and it means end of the world for people.  The Insurodollar would make that different.  Human Capital.  Working people are worth more than they know.  Working people in NC are made poor no matter what.  What do they mean driving a nicer car than me, a rich guy?   We can’t have that.  They get something, it’s nice, they’re making too much money.  That’s the way they think.  Republicans.  Signed the Norquist Nation Pledge.  You got an accountant that gets you out of paying taxes?   They do.  Now they are going to pass a law limiting taxes no matter what.  Laws that make thinking against the law are stupid far as I am concerned.  Republicans like the Emperor Napoleon.  What a dumbass he was.  Lost Haiti, legally got to loot Haiti.  Still lost it vindictive fool lost all that was the Louisiana Purchase for all the trees in Haiti.  Had to sell it so he could waste his time beating on Haiti.  Generals, I don’t know, I don’t know if they ought be politicians at all ever.  My hero Grant, he just tore the Indians up.  Was happy as hell about the veterans becoming Indian killers and gold miners.  Sort of upset me.  He was a great general.

Lincoln, Eisenhower, Grant, Nixon, Reagan, the Bush family who joke and pal around with Clinton.  Think about it.  The country just got meaner and meaner.  Roosevelt won too much.  Roosevelt won so many times they had to fix that.  He won fair and square.  He couldn’t live forever.  Wedemeyer was doing a good job in China.  US ought have supported the honest communists over the corrupt Nationalist Chagk Ki Sheck.  Formosa.  North Korea.  War in Europe could have been over year and a half earlier if it hadn’t been for Churchill and all that underbelly nibbling and tearing at the mud in Africa with the toy tanks and their 37 mm cannon against the 75s on the Germans tanks.

Oil.  We been fighting for oil in the mideast since the end of WWI. Killing people and drawing lines.  Stalin killed his own.  Big country.  Now they got silence as the new propaganda.  Economic warfare going on.  Ukraine.  Ukraine was corrupt and the people suffered.  War and corruption keep people poor.  Working class people don’t deserve wars.

Jesus, I don’t get it, how can any working class person vote Republican?  Democrats need to carry guns too.  Working people could make the Democratic Party what it ought to be.  Strong and clear and willing to really be confrontational about the whole situation.  It is bad.  Wage slavery sucks.  Republicans aren’t making so much about Sanders being a socialist because they are buying up all the mediocre politicians for Clinton.  She must be depressed.  I’d not be surprised if she wasn’t suicidal.  Well there is the grand kid.  She’s intelligent.  She knows the story.  She knows what part she is playing.  Nobody calls the bailout what it was: Socialism for the rich.  It’s been that way.  Working people make all the rest, the little minority with bonds and stocks and lots of land and the deeds of their trusts, all that, working people make them rich.  Made the DuPonts rich.  DuPonts went into finance early.  They got rid of the bomb material plant by the rivers in South Carolina where there were the ignorant and pliant workers.  They got out of that just in time.

Girl wants to hurt me because I’m a Democrat.  Wants her cop brother to come over and read me the law.  I know the fucking law.  She knows she won’t come off looking so smart on any TV.  Girls like that, they are one end of the spectrum.  What to call them, rednecks?  I been out in the woods with them drinking bud wiser and playing their guitars and they make arrangements for messing around you know.  I was a painter for 6 months.  I went far down to get back up.  I was too old to be going through that stuff.  I got releases for Contractors Creed.  No way sign no release.  On the other end of the hippie spectrum they are witches.  Dance around trees and collect feathers and bones.  It matters what prays you say, and to what.  God or no god, everybody prays.  Nobody can help it.  We’re human beings.

Republicans pray for cheap labor, or slave labor, and wage slavery works well enough, maybe better.  “You’re free, it’s your fault.”   If you are, you know, obedient, we’ll give you a job with the government.  That will keep your mouth shut.

Too much.