Transcendian Survival Club

I want a Bench Made sheath knife because of the hand axe survival obsidian rock, flint all around survival tool of mankind. Without the axe knife there were no tools to make tools.
You need a knife. Have knives. My brother-in-law has given me many wonderful knives and I called him up to talk to him about the knife. He said not to get him one because he had plenty of knives.
I have lost two of the knives he has given me. I went out some with a certain kind of girl who liked to cause trouble and enjoyed hurting men. She wasn’t helpful about certain kinds of things. Another writer was captured longer than I in her web.
She wrote about food, but I never got much any good to eat around her.
I ended up one snowy night trapped, I guess. It was a snowy night and I had the car I had gotten thinking one of the guys I had work on this rig I directed was right when he said a stagehand needed a reliable car.
I may not have been full out a stagehand learning my electricians lessons as a motion picture electrician and grip to where I got a union card for that.
There wasn’t all the movie making and commercials in the world in N Cee. It hadn’t stayed up and grown in North Carolina where I had retreated to.
You need a car in North Carolina. It’s true.
I was sick of fixing the Volkwagen and had worked on a movie for union wages and had pay stubs that were reasonable and bought a KiA.
I scratched the windshield getting the ice and snow off the windshield with the Spideco flat like a credit card knife he gave me I had in my pocket when I stayed over with her at the lesbian editors of a prominent magazine.
Me and her struggled around drunk and were on their couch which is where last I had that knife.
She said that if they found it they would throw it away.
I wasn’t able to find that knife. There was no long time anything all good with that good.
She was a destroyer and famous for it. My knife, and a cut videotape show I’d given her to look at.
I already wrote about it.
I lost the other knife I’d had for near a decade for sure, when some younger girls got to me with compliments and buying me drinks and I got totally drunk.
That’s another story.
But the truth is I want the sheath knife because it represents to me survival. The knife represents survival.
I am reminded of church.
Church is good for survival because you get together on a regular basis and there are clubs of a sort.
I like the Episcopal church better than others for they don’t really give you a hard time for thinking about the impossibilities.
I tried the churches nearby. We did. i’d rather get the right knife and have a little loose little club.
The fact is you will much less likely lose a knife of the sort I am after.
Of course people may get frightened if you are naturally wearing the knife around here.
if I start the club I have some help in mind.
It is important. I have it in mind about the list and the radios and that really though I have friends all over far away, I don’t have the local thing organized.
Radios and knifes and guns and knowing how to make batteries to run the radios and where to meet up when the atomic bombs go off in the major cities.
We need to all get the right knives and know how to make a bow and arrow set so when we have enemies like the Russians who ended up all along in a valley with nothing to eat hardly we will do better.
That story was too sad.
If I have a good knife and a good gun I made from iron with gun powder I made I’ll be happy.
I never wore a weapon when I was Security at Rochdale College. They were around though and we had a bat.
It was enough.
Nuclear weapons ruin everything.