There was a sign in the yard advertising a 1965 Mustang. It was a sturdy enamel metal sign.
The interior of the house was very bright. It was a two story house. John was intimidating Billy. Billy stood in front of the couch. Billy had that mealy mouthed way of talking that was excuse enough for murder.
John was reaching for Billy’s member and got him going ready for me, but I was about holding up my breasts with the teasing and the promise and then the hatred.
I shot him feeling very satisfied about it.
John and I went for a ride into the dirt roads behind the house on the lonely county road where you could kill or have sex and nobody hear.
Leastways nobody could hear, but people are always around.
Along the excise lot fenced I saw the policeman on his horse riding English watching us in the car.
Back at the house with the body on the couch, I got John going and then when John was satisfied I was happy the pistol was in my reach, and I got to shoot him a few times all the places I liked to hurt people.