Crisis to List.

Twelve O'Clock High/Maximum Effort

Maximum Effort frame from watercolor story.

Yeah, there is a Democratic fund raiser breakfast in October.  I have ignored the exact date, since in fact the featured speaker is Kay Hagan.  To me the measure of all that is wrong with Democrats is embodied in Kay Hagan and her policies of appeasement if there is in fact appeasement as a fair thing to call as a thing some politician is doing.

The Repulicians were to be appeased.  The Petro Industry was appeased.  The Tobacco farmers and god knows what other faction of those powers run amok in their fury that the world is changed by forces seriously willing to destroy all life on the planet in the whimper ways TS Eliot foresaw.

It is to me a big deal that Fukushima happened and continues to pollute the Pacific ocean.  It is hard to believe that it was about three days ago I read that the thing killed 16 thousand people.  True, or untrue?  I really don’t know.

I read that propaganda is out and silence is in.

Georgia lost a mile to the Russians.  I read that.  The Russians are doing a lot of provocations.  Crimea.  They took it.  They took the Ukrainian submarine back once it was got working by the Ukrainians.  Ironically I got a great Ukrainian sub captains uniform from a supporter.  It came months before the events with the Ukrainian sub.  Zaporizhia.  The thing was pretty rough looking, but they had got it going.  Russians took  it back.

Then they, the Russians have been flying their bombers into Nato airspace with their transponders turned off so the controllers can’t see them.  The US did things like this to Mexico to provoke the Mexican American war in the 1840s.  Nukes make all this a whole different story.  People are used to radioactive pollution.  After all the tests and us still being around, they are like ready to be done with tests.  No big deal.

IHS is a corporate intelligence company.  They issue reports you can get without paying them to find things out that benefit whatever corporation you have going in the world.  This sort of thing isn’t new.  You’ve heard of Banana Republics.   Iran Contra, it was in your face.  Reagan got elected.   Elected.

We think we can trust people like Gore and Obama.  They do some good and then do some bad.  Wilson and Roosevelt left things to the League of Nations, or the UN.  Was successful Zionism really the best thing for the world?  Majority rule went out the window on that.  Democracy of Israel is like in its death throes.

I’ve offered a solution that would at least diminish the violence.  That was the Insurodollar skew where the Palestinians and the Israelis insure each other so it costs when they kill each other.   Noam Chomsky said it was a good idea but nobody would listen.

Maximum effort is what it would take out of me to become a Senator and survive for a term.  I’d get the Energy Capture going that the engineers have all in their back pockets already.   Superconductors.  Get the generators in the water and have them cool their lines out.  Volts DC, people keep complaining about it.  Volts DC.  It really isn’t that big of a problem considering the stakes.

Propaganda.  You just eat it up.   War is supposed to be over in Iraq and Afghanistan.  It sure doesn’t feel that way.  I myself feel conflict and meanness all over the place.  Maybe it’s the vibrations of the Drug War.  They say 10 thousand a year at least are killed in that.

I don’t know all the stories.

Back when I was recording all the ecology lectures in the 70s they said that it was likely that there would be too many crises at one time and fantastically bad things would come about.   Looks like we had better list the most threatening crises, and come up with realistic solutions that get heard.